ztrumpetLe 02/10/2011 à 05:36
That's all in Basic? How do you draw the sprites/the info below so quickly? It looks great

I'm using a method of Text Sprites known as Dual Layer Text Sprites. This technique was pioneered by Weregoose (UnitedTI) and first used on the game Zoith by SuperSpeeler (a.k.a. Speeler, also of UTI). The technique has been used on a few other games, including Metroid Pi. There is also a variation of this technique used by Builderboy (Omnimaga) in Serenity and in my own game, Elmgon. If anyone would like links to any of these programs, I'll gladly provide them. ^_^
The actual technique works like this (in example form):
StorePic 1
RecallPic 1
As you can see it just takes the pixels from two characters and places them on top of each other. It's a very interesting technique that leads to fast, detailed graphics. I really like using it and I still remember the first time I played Metroid Pi and went "How did he draw these graphics?!" grin
Another point to consider is : does the game run as fast as the screenies ?
This is the speed of the game on the 83+SE, 84+, and 84+SE calcs. Here's what it looks like at 83+ speed:


It's a little slow but still completely playable.
Also keep in mind that it won't run on the 83 (no plus) because it uses many things that weren't added until the 83+, among them lowercase letters.