ContraLe 17/10/2012 à 09:15
Est-ce que tu mets bien les coordonnées dans pencol et penrow ?

Le sdk ti dit :
Category: Display
Description: Displays a floating-point number using either small variable width or large
5x7 font. The value is rounded to the current “fix” setting (on the mode
screen) before it is displayed.
Registers: ACC = maximum number of digits to format for displaying
Flags: textInverse, (IY + textFlags) = 1 for reverse video
textEraseBelow, (IY + textFlags) = 1 to erase line below character
textWrite, (IY + sGrFlags) = 1 to write to graph buffer not display
fracDrawLFont, (IY + fontFlags) = 1 to use large font, not small font
Others: (penCol) = pen column to display at
(penRow) = pen row to display at
Registers: None
Flags: None
Others: None
Registers All
RAM used: OP1, OP2, OP3, OP4
Remarks: Displaying stops if the right edge of the screen is reached.

Je n'en sais pas plus wink

Bon courage Matthieu41 pour ton jeu, c'est déjà très bien bravo wink