defalt45On the 2018-12-02 at 10:40pm
Merci de l'astuce wink
Par contre maintenant j'ai un nouveau problème, dès que j'affiche plusieurs sprites à l'écran, ça reset et Z80 error.
Thanks for the tip wink
But now I have another problem, when I try to display multiple sprites at the same time, it resets then Z80 error.

I have 2 pictures in chardata.xml, one is named "nsmlogo1" and the other one "jet". So, to display them both, what I think I should do is this:

picture logoNsmPict;
picture jetPict;

pictureInit(&logoNsmPict, &nsmlogo1, 210, 17,16,40,FLIP_NONE);

pictureInit(&jetPict, &jet, 209, 18, 10,10,FLIP_NONE);

But when I do it it crashes. Anyone has a clue about this?