deephLe 09/01/2007 à 23:53
J'ai passé une bonne demie heure à traduire les règles avec mes connaissances et un dico Anglais/Français, donc dites moi ce que vous en pensez et si vous trouvez des erreurs :

Only the Basic programs, Basic extended programs and ASM z80 programs will be accept, and for the TI 82, 83, 83+ and 84+ only.
Programs will be upload in a zip with the name of the project name, before October 1st 2007, 11h59 pm with all files which are avaible for
the program.
A note must be include in the zip, which be used to describe the game and to inform us of it.
The program can be comprise in several parts.
Plagiarism will followed by game and author's disqualification.
The programm can't be a program published before the contest opening date, the publication of it is nevertheless authorized throughout
all contest.
Each participant can present at the maximum three programs in several categories.
The jurys are consisted in categories : a judge will note at least all the programs of a category, possibly all the programs of 2 or 3 categories.
Judge will be designed by the contest organisator. Free postulation. Necessary qualities: serious behavior, general culture on the video games
and Ti (inscription on the site).
It is obviously excluded that a judge can take part in a category which it judges. Nevertheless, a judge can present a program for a category which
it does not judge.
No restriction of size, but it returns in the notation.
For the Basic extented programs, all lib are usable, but it's preferable to create its own lib (as far as possible). It will be
necessary to provide the lib to use in the zip.


There are 3 categories for the contest which is:

_The BASIC, using only the functions Ti-BASIC of the calculator;
_The BASIC extended, which uses lib or others, whith the Ti-BASIC;
_The Assembler z80, which will be entirely programmed out of assembler language, being able to turn under Ion, Mirage-OS or others.


The topic is free, the participant have the subject freedom of his program, as long as it complies with the prescribed rules.


Each member of the jury will test all the programs of their categories, and an average will be carried out on the whole of the notes.
All bug will be sanctioned.
The scale is as follows:

- Jouability (taken in hand, interest, pleasure felt to play, interface of the play, scenario…): /15
- Fluidity, Speed of execution: /5
- Graphics (graphics, interface of the menus…): /5
- Lifespan: /5
- Originality: /5
- Technical Quality (size/plays, technical challenge…): /5
- Total: /40

(very, si c'est bon, tu pourra mettre le site à jour et/ou éditer les règles du forum ?).