PpHdOn the 2009-07-29 at 07:02pm
Lionel Debroux (./107) :
NOTE: you could make the ClipLine macro of src/c/clipline.c several bytes smaller (and several clocks faster), by using inline assembly for the "swap" macro: #define ASM_EXCHANGE(val1,val2) asm volatile ("exg %0,%1" : "=da" (val1),"=da" (val2) : "0" (val1),"1" (val2) : "cc")

I dont like mixing specific asm code with C (moreover, the clipline macro is quite generic) but thanks for the advice.
(Moreover what really costs is the multiplication and the division).
Lionel Debroux (./107) :
In the src folder, `make CAS=1` works, but `make` doesn't, due to an undefined reference on the following line:
xdef Zs_function_call
Moving this line down by one line, under the
ifd USE_MAIN_PROGRAM conditional section, should fix the problem.

Already fixed in RC8, but thanks!