PpHdOn the 2009-08-06 at 12:30pm
Uther (./131) :
PpHd (./130) :
It adds a new minor export (Side font).
Great! Will be availible via FontSetSys?

As Folco said, it is a lot more work to use it in all the Draw functions. It won't be done for 0.82. Maybe 0.83.
Folco (./132) :
PpHd -> I'm still waiting a version of TiLP which would allow to upload log files from the calc without crashing... I have still tried yesterday...

You shouldn't get this behavious with this version. PedroM shouln't crash anymore tilp.

Folco (./132) :
wow Patrick vu l'heure du build t'es un lève-tôt biggrin.gif

Mais non, mais non.