PpHdOn the 2009-08-08 at 12:23pm
Someone has an idea about ./134 ?

Fix done in future RC10:
+ A legend is displayed during 'install tib' command
+ PedroM is cooler about wrong protocol format (ie. accept both len of 7 and 6 for 89 and 92+) with the 'install tib' command.
+ PedroM expected a 92+/89 RTS header for V200 and 89TI, whereas it should expect a different one. Fix this.
+ Wait 1s before rebooting at the end of the transfert to be sure the OK message is sent.

Now I can use 'install tib' command with tiemu + tilp (with the 2 fixes I have explained in the other thread) for 89 / 92+ / 89TI / V200.
I have even try sending a 92+ TIB to a 89 titanium, and it works: tiemu crashes when the reboot is done! grin