PpHdOn the 2009-08-14 at 09:06pm
Folco (./155) :
I was writing "install tib" to disp the RC10. I had typed 'ins', and I pressed 'ON'. The line has been completed with "tall tall" (twice, with a space between the 2 "tall". It's not the first time I get something like that with auto-completion. I'll try to do a test case after the transfert. It doesn't seem to be always reproductible.

edit -> I still got that typing "fflash": "ffl" [on] "ash ash"

ok: This behavior seems to appear when you type [on] twice or more during completion.

Due to the way it works, it won't be easy to avoid this behaviour.
Completion sends all the missing keys into the key buffer to complete the string.
Then it is parsed by the inputstring function by getting the key.
But if you press ON during this time, ON is priority, so it sends another ON Key, which isself send another keys for completion.
I never get this behavior before; I think we can live with it for 0.82 release. Your opinion?