PpHdOn the 2009-07-17 at 11:45pm

When it tries to get info about the calc (HW, AMS, mem, BIOS version, device ID, language, batteries, ID list and installed applications), I get a 'Link : format'. No data are transmitted to the PC, TiConnect reports the error.

Something seems broken in the implementation of the VER command. Don't know what...

Using Ti-Device Explorer : my calc is always seen as a Titanium.
- Getting a screenshot works properly (without any error)
- folders are detected !
- no file are seen in the folder, but they really exist...

Can you send some files to the calculator?

Could you open Const.h
and edit the constant into this:

Rebuild it, send it, and reports what you get for each command (perform a clear command before).
Like :
Recv: 0892 0000 Send: 8856 0000 Send: 8809 0000 ...