ExtendeDOn the 2010-08-15 at 09:28pm
Ncubate est un dérivé d'nspire_emu ajoutant un certaines fonctionnalités qui me manquent personnellement, et qui pourraient j'espère rejoindre à terme la version officielle. Cette version ajoute principalement la sauvegarde d'état et le support du débogueur GDB.

Goplat n'a pas spécifié la licence de modification et redistribution de nspire_emu. Il ne semble pas gêné par les différents fork qui existent. Si celui-ci pose problème je le retirerai.

-> Ncubate v032b

Ncubate adds the following features to nspire_emu v032:

- NEW: 'File -> Save State' let you save the whole emulator state to a file 
  named <flash_image>.sav. The file is loaded on startup if it exists. You can 
  request a state reload with 'File -> Reload State'
  Caution, newer versions of Ncubate may fail to read .sav files produced by
  previous versions. Delete these files when upgrading.
- NEW: 'File -> Save Flash As...' suggests the current flash image name
- NEW: several keyboard shortcuts added

- NEW: Supports the GNU Debugger GDB. You can debug at source-level programs 
  built with Ndless. More information available at http://hackspire.unsads.com
- NEW: The register PC can be changed with the command 'rs
- NEW: Command 'j' to jump to the next instruction. This is useful for example 
  to jump over an halt() call in an Ndless program.
- NEW: Command 'ww' to write a word to an address
- NEW: Command 'ss' to search a string in memory
- NEW: "+x" is the default flag for the breakpoint command 'k'
- NEW: Command 'wf' to load a file to memory
- NEW: Command-line option /R=cmdfile can be used to automatically run debugger 
  commands on startup. Use a single line for each command. At the end of the file, 
  the debugger switches to the standard input. You can use 'c' as the last
  command to continue the emulation.
- CHG: The breakpoint command 'k' takes as parameter a virtual address instead 
  of a physical address
- CHG: Debugger command 'w' renamed to 'wm'
- CHG: The command 'wm' takes as parameter a virtual address instead of a 
  physical address
- CHG: Read/write breakpoint logs display a virtual address instead of a 
  physical address
- FIX: Command 'd' doesn't crash if the parameter is missing
- FIX: Broken 'w' command

- ADD: (internal) ARM loader for arbitrary ARM snippet execution by the emulator
- FIX: no more 'bad read word' on auto power down, but still hangs

- FIX: Flash image closed when synced to disk, for external edition

- NEW: Makefile.config for custom compilation flags
- NEW: make clean
- FIX: compilation warnings

[Edit 2010-08-30] : v031a
[Edit 2010-09-21] : v032a
[Edit 2010-11-06] : v032b