KannagiOn the 2016-03-25 at 09:35pm
BEY (./60) :

The question is: How can I optimize the ASM code? It's possible?
Your code not think we can more optimized.
But you can put faster instruction for example:
"and.w #0xffe0, %%d1 \n" ==> andi.w #0xffe0, %%d1 \n
"add.w #0x200, %%d0 \n" ==>"addi.w #0x200, %%d0 \n"

I find asm inline not very nice (or so it's asm gnu I don't like :P).

it is you who made the graphics? (Yes I find it strange to the 8-bit game on neo geowink ).
I'm curious to see the final result smile