ZerosquareOn the 2021-10-14 at 03:21am
Sinon en parlant de Windows 11, il y a aussi ce bug qui devrait plaire à Zeph :
Microsoft warns of new Windows 11 problems with apps using unusual registry keysBetaNewsMicrosoft has shared details of a new known issue with Windows 11. The company has confirmed that a problem exists with apps that use certain characters in registry keys.

It is the use of non-ASCII characters not in app names but in registry keys that is causing the issue. In the case of Cốc Cốc browser, it would appear to be the ố character that is causing problems, while the newly added warning for Aplicação Autenticação.gov features the characters ç and ã.


Affected apps might be unable to open and might cause other issues or errors in Windows, including the possibility of receiving an error with a blue screen.