NeoHomeBrewOn the 2016-10-19 at 05:18pm
I have played around with a checkerboard graphic today and had some success but not the desired result...

HPMAN's DATlib documentation explains auto-animation only in "scroller" graphics but unfortunately not in regular "picture" graphics.
But anyway I have saved the following to the "chardata.xml" to add the auto-animation feature to a "picture":

 <pict id="shadow_test">

And have done the initialisation in main.c like a regular (static) "picture"
	pictureInit(&shadow_1, &shadow_test,  54, 40, 98, 20, FLIP_NONE); // 4 sprites
	palJobPut(40, shadow_test_Palettes.palCount, shadow_test_Palettes.data);

It has worked but I have to write "LSPCmode=0x0000;" in every frame to speed up auto-animation - otherwise it will be overwritten with "LSPCmode=0x1000;" for an unknown reason (maybe a bug in my code?).
It seems a bit to slow and produces a slight "stroboscope-like" effect on the real system (even more noticeable in MAME emulation).

- Not sure if that was a correct way to do this - what would be your opinion HPMAN?
- By the way, is setting LSPCmode ($3C0006) to 0x0000 the fastest auto-animation speed possible?