Mega ShockedOn the 2018-04-09 at 07:10pm

Thanks for your help!

A few notes on what I experienced transitioning to DATLib 0.3

aSpriteInit - function has been enhanced so you will need to add the new FLAG parameter to all of your existing calls.
(I am using AS_FLAGS_DEFAULT as per the examples...I don't know enough about this parameter yet...)

SpritePoolnit - function has been enhanced you will need to add "bool clearSprites".
( I am setting this to true as per the example...there is an explanation not sure yet of why we do this maybe clearing the screen?)

Sprite - "currentStepNum" variable was changed to "stepNum"

You must reopen all of your Sprites with the new Animator tool and re-save them or you will be me in my last post!

There are so many new features I don't know where to begin....

Step 1: Ensure all existing code still works....will take a bit but I am up for the job.
Step 2: I am on that colour streaming like white on rice! Yeah baby! Also did someone say fix! Hyped Up!