Mega ShockedOn the 2018-08-21 at 01:50am
Hi VasiiiyFamilya,


Image is 320x224 (Neo Geo Screen Size) = 71680 pixels
16x16 tile = 256 pixels
Tiles per 320x224 image = 280 tiles

DATimage with this flag -mtc15 will convert an image to the neo geo format (15 colours per tile)

The total number of palettes that can be used on Neo Geo is 256 (0-255) (There is another palette bank I haven't used it yet....probably can only access one bank at a time)
If all 280 tiles have a unique palette you are over the total number of palettes just to load that image.

It's not that there are more colours added its that each tile can have a unique palette.
Even if the colours repeat throughout the image I believe the compiler is looking at each individual tile as its own mini image with its own palette based on the order it sees the colours.
There is probably some cool compression going on under the hood that HPMAN hooked up but that is the breaks as I know them.

My advice is you must compress your image more until you get a reasonable number of palettes at compile time.