X-deathOn the 2019-05-25 at 11:29am
Pour info,pendant 1 mois les frais de fabrication de PCB sur Elecrow sont à 1 USD hors frais de port


1. You can get the PCB for ONLY $0.99, maximum 10PCS, up to 10*10cm, 1-2 layers regular PCB.

2. Assembling cost 30% off for all PCBA orders, free setup cost, free start-up cost, additional $50 coupon which is directly deductible for the order.

3. For PCBA orders over $5000, Elecrow will provide VIP service and 1 set of ELECROW hot selling premium Kit - CrowPi for free.

4. Introducing your friends to Elecrow, you will get an $80 coupon once they placed PCBA order with us.

Starting from May 23th 0:00 a.m to June 23th 24:00 p.m

SI possible , il serai intéressant de pouvoir envoyé le prototype en fabrication pendant cette période.