GodzilOn the 2022-01-08 at 10:59am
Vu que certains parles de ça, voilà une source fiable:

Overall, COVID-19 vaccine was associated with a less than 1-day change in cycle length for both vaccine-dose cycles compared with prevaccine cycles (first dose 0.71 day-increase, 98.75% CI 0.47–0.94; second dose 0.91, 98.75% CI 0.63–1.19); unvaccinated individuals saw no significant change compared with three baseline cycles (cycle four 0.07, 98.75% CI −0.22 to 0.35; cycle five 0.12, 98.75% CI −0.15 to 0.39). In adjusted models, the difference in change in cycle length between the vaccinated and unvaccinated cohorts was less than 1 day for both doses (difference in change: first dose 0.64 days, 98.75% CI 0.27–1.01; second dose 0.79 days, 98.75% CI 0.40–1.18). Change in menses length was not associated with vaccination.

Our findings are reassuring; we find no population-level clinically meaningful change in menstrual cycle length associated with COVID19 vaccination.