ZerosquareOn the 2020-10-11 at 01:47pm
Fadest, tu es de mauvaise foi. Tout est très bien expliqué sur leur page :
We have no operating history and our independent auditors have expressed substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern. Even if this offering is successful, we may need to raise additional capital in the future to continue operations, which may not be available on acceptable terms, or at all.

We, Atari Chain, Limited (“Company”), are a recently formed company established under the laws of Gibraltar with minimal activity and no historical operating results. We have entered into contractual arrangements committing us to future expenses, including the repayment of loans, as well as significant contingent obligations which are not currently reflected on our balance sheet.


Because we lack an operating history, you have no basis upon which to evaluate our ability to achieve our business objective. Our proposed operations are subject to all business risks associated with a new enterprise. The likelihood of our creation of a viable business must be considered in light of the problems, expenses, difficulties, complications, and delays frequently encountered in connection with the inception of a business operating in a relatively new, highly competitive, and developing industry. Even if we close this offering, there can be no assurance that we will ever generate any operating activity or develop and operate the business as planned. If we are unsuccessful at executing on our business plan, our business, prospects, and results of operations may be materially adversely affected and investors may lose all or a substantial portion of their investment.
Et là je ne ce cite qu'un tout petit extrait de la page, il y a un paquet de phrases comme ça.

Bref, ils disent très clairement qu'il y a toutes les chances que ceux qui investissent là-dedans ne revoient jamais la couleur de leur fric, du coup ceux qui le font quand même ne pourront pas se plaindre de ne pas avoir été prévenus. Comme quoi, il y a du progrès par rapport à Atari "de l'époque" : s'ils avaient été aussi clairs dans le descriptif de Supercross 3D (par exemple), personne ne l'aurait acheté grin