NeoGeoFreak2004On the 2022-06-17 at 08:16pm
blastar (./4):
you need "mkisofs.exe".
put all necessary files into a folder (e.g. TEST) and create the iso with the command:
mkisofs -iso-level 1 -o test.iso -pad -N -V "TEST" iso.
now copy this ISO file and a matching CUE file (and any CDDA tracks) to the MAME ROM-folder and start with the command:
mame64 neocdz -cdrom roms\test.cue, that's all.

Making an ISO file wink
Huh, that is odd when i compile my iso image and run it in mame, it gives me an error. the error says, Disc IO Error or something like that. I Don't know what to do! can you help me with this error please.