squale92On the 2004-11-16 at 02:45am
The advantage of using a _test_ config file instead of a _binary_ one is that anyone can easily edit the text file, to change some settings;
Yes, in a dame, for instance, you would provide a nice GUI to allow users to edit the settings, ok
but, suppose you have many options that are usefull only for debugging purpose. As theses options are created only for Beta-versions of your program, you do not want to lose much time to design a nice GUI (which would not be in the final version of the program, as the corresponding options will not be in the final version of the program)... but you still want users to be able to change the values of the options easily
a text config file is perfect for this : you don't have to lose time to design a GUI useful only for Beta versions, and anyone can edit the settings, as if there were a GUI

Personnaly, I don't think I would use such a library for a final version of my program
But I use it for beta version : for instance, if O want the tester to be able to start at any level he wants instead of the first one, he can change this in the INI file... and for the final version, I will suppress this functionnality (juste a #define to remove)