kimOn the 2006-04-10 at 01:26am
Sinon, le format des exécutables est du Mac-O.

"The only executable format that the Mac OS X kernel understands is the Mach-O format. Some bridging tools are provided for classic Macintosh executable formats, but Mach-O is the native format. It is very different from the commonly used Executable and Linking Format (ELF)."

En voilà la doc :


Ca peut d'ailleurs permettre de comprendre comment il peut y avoir plusieurs types de formats d'exécutable :

"The Mach-O file format provides both intermediate (during the build process) and final (after linking the final product) storage of machine code and data. It was designed as a flexible replacement for the BSD a.out format, to be used by the compiler and the static linker and to contain statically linked executable code at runtime. Features for dynamic linking were added as the goals of Mac OS X evolved, resulting in a single file format for both statically linked and dynamically linked code."

Des choix techniques font qu'ils obtiennent autre chose que du ELF ou du PE.

./9 : han, et tu parles de lenteur alors que tu aimes e17 ??? (pour avoir vu tourner e17, c'était pas plus réactif que ça franchement)