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Quelques nouvelles concernant l'UltraSatan.

Pour mémoire, tous ceux qui avaient payé par Paypal avaient reçu le 20 mars ce message :
Hello everybody,

as I promised, here are some news regarding the blocked paypal accounts. After many emails, automated responses and fighting their stupid rules all I can do is to ... refund all the money from paypal accounts to you.

No kidding, my options were stripped to two alternatives (by paypal staff):

1. Refund all money.
2. Not to refund money but I have to keep them on paypal for 180 days. Since I *need* that money for manufacturing, it's nearly the same as option 1 because these 180 days are meant as the time period in which I have to manufacture & ship my "products".

If you're curious why all this hassle now and not with SatanDisks or P2AM -- I have no idea. Maybe it all started with that strange unauthorized payment I received, they noticed two accounts, quite a money on them, my "strange" answers about not being possible to show them some shipping documents and things got pretty fast movement. The basic problem is the paypal guaranties buyers (i.e. you) some protection -- you can made a claim to seller when the stuff you have paid for (via paypal) is not shipped. For me it means I have to ship max. 7 days after I receive a payment so there's no way out, I tried very hard to convince them, really.

I'm out of ideas how to solve it in another way. Maybe if you're from United States, you could contact their HQ by phone and ask some real person about some advice / exception / miracle; email communication is way to hell, I was mailing with different person everytime and they don't seem to be interested in fact all of you agree with such schedule conditions at all.

So, what it does mean for you / us:

- if you have paid by another method (bank, moneybookers, cash), everything is OK, your money are received / noted and you don't need to do anything
- if you have paid by paypal (either by credit card or by paypal), I'll wait until April the 1st (for some miracle ;-) and then I instruct paypal guys to do a mass refund all payments which arrived since March 1st
- it's clear payment phase must be extended, you'll need to think about another way to send a payment (moneybookers.com seems to be most appropriate)

So that's it. If you can help me in any way, feel free to do so because I tried everything in my power, emailing with paypal staff is no way. And yes, I'm aware how are you pissed off, believe me, it's not a half as I am.

Sad regards,
Miro Kropacek aka MiKRO

Tous ceux qui ont un tant soit peu travaillé avec Paypal connaissent les problèmes que l'on peut avoir avec cette boite.
Donc rien d'alarmant à ce message, c'est la réalité des faits.

Voici la suite, reçu hier (30 mars 2009)
Hi everybody,

After though thinking, discussion with Jookie etc I decided to send whole Paypal to the hell, with all consequences it implies.

The reason is simple -- I'm paying THEM, not vice versa, i.e. it's crazy I should beg them for some exceptions and feel like a criminal doing some nasty things. Maybe you don't realize that but Paypal could got quite a money for this "sale", 3.4% from nearly 80 people with average payment about 100 Euro... that's quite a lot. And if they don't want our (your!) money, so be it.

I instructed them to do a refund but as soon as I received their nice "I forwarded this to my retarded-colleague-behaving-line-another-machine" email I decided to do the refund manually, before they do any other stupid action (like "It came to our attention you want to do a mass refund, so we have frozen all your money until we decide to do so"). It was really nice hour, I am mouse-clicked to the death wink

Anyway. Everyone should receive email from Paypal the refund is done, I double checked the list, everyone with "completed" status is now "refunded". The next step will be I change Paypal guys to "not paid" in our system.

So what are our / your options: if you were not disgusted with all this hassle, we still welcome your orders again but via another way.
One way is to use bank transfer (the most problem-less but might be quite expensive for non-EU citizens).
In case you better trust your credit card, there is a Paypal alternative called "MoneyBookers" (http://www.moneybookers.com). It has significantly lesser fees (compare 0.50 Euro on MB to 3.4% of the sum + 0.35 Euro on Paypal, sometimes its three times cheaper!) and I've had never any problems with them. I even double checked they are not going to do any troubles, it was very polite and correct conversation, much against what I witnessed with Paypal staff.
The third option is cash-in-letter or money-via-3rd-person (you can join your payments for example, no problem for me) but of course, it's the least secure.

If you want to pay via either way, just login into our system, choose desired option and you'll get all needed details (like bank info).

Btw, I added some legal stuff on order site like privacy policy or return policy, it doesn't mean anything for you, it's just result of conversation with moneybookers merchant staff, I wanted to be sure the history wont repeat, so they told me I should include such things and they will be OK with my "business". Of course those things are right, i.e. we do really have that return policy etc ;-)

OK, all for now, I'm sorry for any inconvenience (I can imagine how much "fun" is to register on some portal and give them your credit card number or bank account access), I was trying really hard but Paypal is definitely bad place for amateur projects like ours. So what, life is going on, you will appreciate your UltraSatan device even better ;-)

And btw #2 -- we've extended payment deadline until the end of May (unfortunately, that also means we've moved manufacturing & shipping one month away -- HUGE APOLOGIZE for all the non-Paypalers!).

Hopefully, the next email you receive from us will be about manufacturing success and beginning of shipping phase!

Best regards,
Miro Kropacek aka MiKRO

Il a donc procédé à tous les remboursements de ceux qui avaient payés par Paypal
Et il annonce que suite à ce petit problème, finalement la date de paiement est prolongée jusque fin mai

Ils proposent à tous ceux qui avaient payé par Paypal de faire un virement bancaire (facile dans la zone euro) ou alors de passer par MoneyBooker, un autre site de paiement via CB dans le genre de Paypal, mais avec moins de frais pour le vendeur.

J'ai déjà utilisé ce moyen de paiement il y a quelques années.
Il est moins cher pour le vendeur qui reçoit l'argent.
Par contre, lors de mon utilisation de ce site, je me souviens qu'une partie des frais est aussi pour l'acheteur (celui qui envoie l'argent)
J'ignore si c'est encore ainsi aujourd'hui.

Mais même Paypal en est venu à cette possibilité.
Il est maintenant possible via Paypal de payer quelqu'un est d'en assumer (ou de partager) les frais.
Donc système semblable a ce que faisait (fait ?) MoneyBooker

Mais MoneyBooker ne se permet pas aussi facilement que Paypal de bloquer des fonds pour un oui ou pour un non.

Et pour terminer, il annonce qu'à cause de ce problème lié à Paypal, la fabrication et la livraison sera elle aussi retardée d'un mois pour tout le monde, autant pour ceux qui ont payé par Paypal, que ceux qui ont procédé autrement

Voilà les news.

J'attends impatiemment mes 2 UltraSatan commandés smile