EDIT: Thanks to MegaShocked who helped me a lot!!

Note for other people who may encounter this problem (e.g. my future self): You should change the C rom size in neogeo.xml !


I should not do this. Many people have warned me, do not fucking attempt again to develop a game on the Neo. But here I am. Development is to me like meth. It only does harm, but I can't stop it.

char.bin from Datlib
romwak /w to split, use roms as is - Glitch as in picture
romwak /w /f - Glitch
any form of padding - No sprites

At the RGC 2019 Furrtek helped me, solved the problem in a split second. I can NOT figure out a solution now. I remember it was about the C rom size but I checked any padding or flipping option with no success.

Sometimes I say to myself I should go and put my brain in the trash where it belongs..




Can you share your code / file ?
What type of game do you want to make ?


Thank you. Here is my full Neodev folder
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. I am trying to compile DATdemo for now.
I don't really have a type of game in mind for now, but I always wanted to do some things: boat race, platformer similar to Magician Lord, maybe a Magician Lord II when I'll have the knowledge to do so and if it is good enough... Many more things. If I know how to make games, I'd have written down all my ideas)