Deep ThoughtLe 04/10/2011 à 00:30
Contra (./2) :
And it's seems very fast...
Thanks! My goal is to stuff it with as many features as possible while keeping the speed playable.
Contra (./2) :
I've tried to play insane but it's quite difficult (especially on emulator).

...Yes I loose at the first stage tongue
Yeah, the controls in AbsIns take a while to get used to.

But don't worry: keypress detection is already much faster and more accurate in Absolute Madness! smile
Contra (./2) :
edit: do not forget to create an account here : http://tiforge.info/zcontest3/?a=inscription (official zcontest website) and add your project (then it will appear here : http://tiforge.info/zcontest3/?a=projets).
(The entire website is both french and english smile )
Thanks, guess I did forget to do that grin
noelthebest (./3) :
That's... the type of game I like ! And that's a good point ! smile
Even though I have no chance to win in TI-Basic category... grin
Yay, I love making things people like!
ztrumpet (./4) :
Good luck, Deep. You know, even if there were no prizes, everyone wins for this contest bringing out some great games. grin
That's what's always great about contests. They're such great motivators for game designers, and every time the calculator community holds one, there's sure to be a ton of new games to play. And Midnight is definitely something I'm looking forward to playing.

By the way, the smileys here are awesome pam