ContraLe 04/10/2011 à 15:15
Thanks! My goal is to stuff it with as many features as possible while keeping the speed playable.

You can add a lot of feature because it's very fast currently smile
Yeah, the controls in AbsIns take a while to get used to

I think it's really playable on calc.
On emulator, in AbsIns the keypress haven't an quick visual feedback, so it's hard to know if you've really press a key or not.
I would say, move to the right or the left isn't done immediatly but only when you change the vertical y position.
But If I try more than 3 times, I'm quite sur to be able to win some levels tongue
That's what's always great about contests. They're such great motivators for game designers, and every time the calculator community holds one, there's sure to be a ton of new games to play. And Midnight is definitely something I'm looking forward to playing.

Yes. Discussing, sharing knowledge and motivate people to work on theirs project is the first goal of this contest smile
By the way, the smileys here are awesome pam

Yes embarrassed

These ones are my favorites : tripo trilove trigni arme king triso