FolcoOn the 2009-05-09 at 08:36pm
I get an error when compiling PedroM, but compilation doesn't fail, and I can get a correct tib. I don't link with maths libs.

The error is at the last line, it's about tools. I've looked at Makefile, but I don't know very well how these scripts work ...
Assembling PedroM2.asm

PASS 1 line 18910
PASS 2 line 18910
End of assembly - no errors were found.
Heap usage:  -w4095,408                
Total hunk sizes:  10a98 code, 0 data, 0 BSS
../bin/ld-tigcc/ld-tigcc -v --flash-os --flash-os-bss-start=0x5B00 --outputbin --cut-ranges --optimize-code ../bin/flashos/flashos.a PedroM.v2.o
PedroM2.v2.o Bss.v2.o c/files.v2.o c/printf.v2.o c/clipline.v2.o c/bitmap.v2.o c/qsort.v2.o c/md5.v2.o c/float.v2.o c/ellipse.v2.o c/side.v2.o tools -o PedroM           
Warning: Flash OS support in TIGCC is experimental.                                                                                                          
tools: Error: Unable to open file.