FolcoOn the 2009-07-16 at 10:26pm
Transfert sucessful, it boots normally. The auto-repeat feature works normally. Delays set by default seem to be ok. Is the cursor displayed each time it moves ? Or isn't it displayed if it's blinking and hasn't to be displayed, when moving ? Would it be possible to reinit its display tempo when it moves, to make it more visible ?

I reboot on Win and test the link with Ti-Connect now. smile

edit -> when starting Ti-Connect, I get the "Link : Command" twice, instead of the previous error.
Ti-Connect reports it has detected a TI89, but can't get its status.

-> when trying to get informations on the calc, PedroM throws errors : "Link format/reset/command".
-> the screen capture works
-> I can't broswe the calc from my PC, but the behavior seems better with this RC (calc detection, screen capture).