PpHdOn the 2009-07-16 at 11:00pm
Folco (./49) :
Delays set by default seem to be ok. Is the cursor displayed each time it moves ? Or isn't it displayed if it's blinking and hasn't to be displayed, when moving ? Would it be possible to reinit its display tempo when it moves, to make it more visible ?

What do you mean?
Do you want to always display the cursor when there is the auto repeat feature?
Folco (./49) :
I reboot on Win and test the link with Ti-Connect now. smile.gif

What about tilp wink ?
Folco (./49) :
edit -> when starting Ti-Connect, I get the "Link : Command" twice, instead of the previous error. -> when trying to get information on the calc, PedroM throws errors : "Link format/reset/command".

Link: Command: TIConnect has sent an unrecognized command to PedroM (or there is some desyncho between the calc and the pc).
Link: Format: TiConnect has requested some variable name which are too long (> 8 bytes or > 17 bytes) in a REQ / VAR / RTS command. Strange... Someone has an idea?
Link: Reset: It means the calc has sent a Link error while in receive mode (Bit 7) so it resets the link. Try keeping your finger on the cable wink
Link MID : It means an unsupported calculator/pc try to connect to the calc.
Folco (./49) :
-> I can't broswe the calc from my PC, but the behavior seems better with this RC (calc detection, screen capture).

Does the same happen with tilp?
Does tilp still crash when you try to get a file from PedroM?