NeoHomeBrewOn the 2015-07-29 at 08:56pm

as promised, here is a video of Hypernoid - my latest game project. I know the "ball & paddle" game concept is an very old hat and
there are a lot of these game in existence already but I wanted to make something small to learn from it.

It started as little side-project in October 2014 when I was working on my submarine shooter (topics/163491-submarine-shooter-project-neo-geo-mvs-development).
I had problems to organize my sprites, functions and variables and this smaller, more manageable project was perfect to improve my
organizing skills. Also it was very useful to get more experience with C-Programming and HPMAN's DATlib & Animator.exe.

The game has 9 stages right now (in the video the first five stages are shown), it offers 6 types of collectable power-ups and 7 block types.
The ball moves in 62 different angles in 20 speed steps. Also, the game has music and sound-effects. Currently, I am working on the
end-boss of the 10th stage. My plan is to develop at least 30 stages and three end-bosses.

There are two important functions missing in the game because the Neobitz C devkit doesn't support them.

The first ist the "Insert Coin" routine - does anybody know how to check for a coin throw-in ?
Second, I would like to save the highscores to the MVS Backup-RAM or to the Memory Card. Is there somebody who please could help me with it?

Best regards,