NeoHomeBrewOn the 2016-11-01 at 11:19am
@RAZ - I know what you mean, the item pick-up graphics are rolling over the blocks which makes no sense... will focus on that later when I have solved the "shadows problem."

@ HPMAN - that is a clever technique too!

Just played around with SC1 writes with the functions provided by DATlib and have some questions:

1.) SC1Put - function

Since there is no example available how to use this function, I am not sure if this way is correct?

SC1Put(0x0000+64+6, 0x08, 20, bg_shadow.maps[0]); // VRAM SC1 start + sprite-number*64 + tile-number*2, tile count, palette-number, tile-map pointer of source image

This example copies to sprite strip 1 into the 4th tile the data of 8 tiles with palette-number 20 of the source image "bg_shadow".
But it starts always from the first tile of the source image - how I could start copying for instance from 5th tile of the source image?

2.) SC234Put - function

palJobPut(24, bg_shadow_Palettes.palCount, bg_shadow_Palettes.data); // set-up palette 24
SC234Put(0x0000+512+7, 0x1800); // VRAM SC1 start + sprite-nr*64 + tile number*2+1, first 2 digits of the WORD is the palette-no. in hex

In this example I want to write the data of palette number 24 to the palette of the 4th tile of spritestrip 8 (which contains the same image like "bg_shadow" but with a regular (brighter) palette).
It works but the order of the colors seems to be wrong and it results in a messed-up palette - is there a way to assign the colors of the palette in a correct order?