furrtekOn the 2016-04-05 at 01:47am
Great, thanks again smile Seems LSPC2-A3 has the same pinout as A2, the mystery remains.

About your sprite problem, for CPHD we decided to give a parameter to the sprite setup function, telling how many tiles had to be cleared after the specified height. Clearing all 32 tiles each time was way too slow.
Keeping track of how many tiles are used per sprite to know if/when to clear them for new sprites might be a solution but will need some RAM.

Let's say that at startup, you clear all the sprites tiles to transparent.
Then you set a sprite to display some graphics 7 tiles high, sprite height 7 obvisouly, and no zooming.
In another scene, you re-use that sprite but with graphics only 5 tiles high, sprite height 5, no problem.
But if you shrink it vertically, the 2 remaining tiles from the previous setup will start to show on the bottom: problem.

If you keep a location in RAM for each sprite, you can write the graphics height to it each time you set up a new sprite.
That way, for future setups, you can compare the last height with the new one and just clear enough tiles to avoid the glitch.
No need to do any of that if the sprite won't use vertical shrinking of course.