NeoHomeBrewOn the 2016-04-05 at 01:35pm
HPMAN (./14) :
Just load a dummy blank 16*512 sprite beforehand I guess?.

HPMAN, thank you a lot for this idea - it fixes the problem! yoyo Loading a 16*512 (or 96*512 in my case ) sprite with all tiles in transparent "pink color" (#FF00FF)
into the respective sprite number (before loading the "intended to be shrinked"-sprite into that sprite number) works perfectly. I have tested it successfully on all
systems with SNK Bios (it also works with UniBios) without seeing any glitches. It is a simple and handy solution - I think it is not really necessary to clear all sprite tiles
all the time in general if it takes too much CPU speed/RAM. I know sprite shrinking was not really implemented into DATlib yet, but for the next update could you maybe
please add a special sprite init function for "shrinkable" sprites?
furrtek (./15) :
Great, thanks again smile Seems LSPC2-A3 has the same pinout as A2, the mystery remains.

Thank you for your sharing your experiences with that shrinking glitch and your detailed info smile
If you want that M1-FSZ board to desolder the LSPC2-A3 just send me a PM with your adress, I would send it to you as contribution for the wiki.