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Must I register?

Registration is only needed if you think of creating new topics or if you wish to answer on existing topics. It's free and you aren't held to publish your real name. However, you are held to use a valid e-mail. Indeed an activation code will be sent to you by mail after your registration.

I see strange signs before the name of certain users?

4 distinctive signs exist on yAronet, they represent levels: @, @, @ and +
  • @ represent the site's webmaster and Boo (bot)
  • @ are global admins, they can close/delete/move a topic, lock/edit posts anywhere on yAronet
  • @ are local admins, they can manage, banish, close/delete/move a topic, lock/edit posts in their own forums
  • + are local moderators, they can banish, close/delete/move a topic, lock/edit posts in the forums where they have the moderator status
Pseudo-IRC commands:

This commands can be used by the author of a topic, the admins and the moderators in the answer's form (won't go in a new topic or in the edition of a post).
  • Kick : Prevents a kicked person to post in the topic.
    Usage: !kick nick
  • Invite : Allows a kicked person to post again
    Usage: !invite nick
  • Close : Closes a topic (which can be reopened by using the links at the bottom of the posts).
    Usage: !close reason
  • /me: action alias, transforms your text
    Usage: /me is happy. => • yAro is happy
I lost my password!

Find your user name and password again is easy. If you are loged, disconnect, a link will appear next to the login form to recover your password, a link is also available by clicking on "Profile" on the top of each page of the site.