Over the past two week-ends, I double-checked, improved and extended a subset of my contributions to the TIGCC documentation. It was on the event of starting the implementation of a sub-goal of another GCC4TI ticket.

* documentation for 12 ROM_CALLs, moved from unknown.h to bascmd.h, basfunc.h or basop.h;
* partial documentation for the 2 tag-related structs and 3 arrays thereof. Complete documentation for those is a huge amount of work - count "PTO_" macros and macros using them in tiams.h from TIFS to get a glimpse of what I mean - and I don't plan on creating these >100 files. Not only we can all make better use of our scarce time by focusing on things more important than complete documentation of those complicated AMS internal data structures, but also, if someone wants to know more about these structures, many of the tag-related macros' names in tiams.h are pretty self-explanatory...
* addition of 17 AMS 3.xx Tags, of which 2 ("exprIO" and "stDevPop") are not exported in CAT_dialog, AFAICS.

As usual, the patches are available on the GCC4TI Trac:
http://trac.godzil.net/gcc4ti/attachment/ticket/4/0002-Add-documentation-files-for-the-ROM_CALLs-that-imple.patch.gz (with a typo in the commit message I've noticed only after uploading the four patches...)
(the other attachments in the ticket are outdated, we'll remove them if possible but I don't currently know how to do that).
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