PpHd (./209) :
Note that huge stack overflow can not be detected...

It can be detected if the code is done properly. Either use NeedStack or allocate stack in smaller pieces with writes at each step or check before writing that you aren't out in nowhere's land. But of course this assumes actually coding for the target platform, not just recompiling libraries designed for a computer with megabytes of stack.
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PpHd (./37) :
I confirm. In fact, it occurs for clean| anything
It is because clean deletes the handle which was created to handle the pipe.
I don't know how to fix this so let's keep it for 0.82 It is not so bad for the user.

Perhaps you should use some files ? It shouldn't be destroyed if they are in the vat. A real "tmp" folder could be used ?
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well, why not. it may be a solution.