First of all: congrats to this wonderful tool!
I have a problem with long tables. Sometimes after a long table (over 2 pages) there is an empty page at the end. You can find the generated PDF in the link. Has anyone an idea to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot!
tromb Fichier joint : TBA_2011-01-11.pdf


cab you post here the html ?


I have the same problem in my pdf. I've displayed the content in an html page and it's ok, but when it's generating the .pdf file i have an extra page with only the header and footer on it. Sometimes when i have a table of 2-3 pages long it also add an empty page in the middle of the document... Any ideas? Txs a lot !


Same problem here.. Any solution yet? I can't find one, but I do know what causes this problem. The margins set to the document or the root div elements in the document.


To be more specific. If the total margin in the <page> tags (bottom & top) is below 300px it works, 305px creates an extra blank page.


Hi, the same problem here.
We also get a pdf with 3 pages where just the second page has content. (see the attached bug_3pages.pdf file)
It has to do with the way html2pdfc calculates heights when closing <p>, <div> or<br> i guess.
Attached you can find 2 php code samples and the 2 generated PDFs

The solution has been to remove the enclosing divs:

e.g. if you have
         <p>paragraph 1</p>
         <p>paragraph 2</p>

it should become just
         <p>paragraph 1</p>
         <p>paragraph 2</p>

also without the enclosing divs the pdf generation is quite a lot faster
because a lot less HTML2PDF::$_subobj are being generated and a lot less stuff is being 'clone'-ed.
Hope the bug report helps to resolve this issue.


tromb Fichier joint : bug_3pages.pdf
tromb Fichier joint : bug_3pages.php
tromb Fichier joint : bug_2pages.pdf
tromb Fichier joint : bug_2pages.php