I'm trying to make out an estimate in pdf format it works greatly in the html page but it's doesn't work on the pdf
the error is :
Fatal error: Uncaught ERREUR n°4
Fichier : C:\wamp_2\www\ProjetPerso\Gestion_des_devis\html2pdf\_class\parsingHtml.class.php
Ligne : 119
Code HTML non valide, les balises ne sont pas fermees dans le bon ordre.
Etat : Array ( [0] => page [1] => div [2] => table )
HTML : ...</tbody> </table> </tr> </div></page>... 
thrown in C:\wamp_2\www\ProjetPerso\Gestion_des_devis\html2pdf\_class\parsingHtml.class.php on line 119;

but it woreked once but the pdf has a problem in the layouts :s :s & i don't know what do , plz help
tromb Fichier joint : test.php
tromb Fichier joint : test.php

one of thel work but with the problem of layout
the other with the error if any one finds out a way to solve this problem plz plz, let me know wink


put HTML2PDF in english, and read the error message wink your HTML code in invalid...
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