I am trying to generate a page with multiple tables on it. I found an example where the position of the cols are calculated badly. The last 3 cols of a last row on a page are printed on a new page. There is nothing else on this page - just the missing cols.

Look at page 1/2: tromb Fichier joint : mgh_event_bug.pdf

Here is the source of the pdf: tromb Fichier joint : pdf_test_2.html

Please help me...

best regards, Hauke


yes, it is a bug...

try to remove the DIVs on the tds, and put the css style directly on the TD


Hi Spipu,
thanks for your fast responce.

I will try this. Unfortuantly this bug appears only at unique positions of a page break within the table. If you change some content it will disappear. Nevertheless it might be still active and could currupt another table with other content-length. So how could i be sure, that the bug is gone, if I change the css? You fantastic software is usefull for dynamic generation of pdf. I simply cannot say what content is used in the pdf.

The currupted cols are calculated in the right position - but there is an wrong EXTRA page feed within the row. I would be so glad, if you try to fix this positioning bug.

Thanks, Hauke


Hi Spipu,
changed css to inline style. Removed divs in the tds. Look at page 4/5. Same bug.

tromb Fichier joint : html2pdf_no_div.pdf

tromb Fichier joint : pdf_test_no_div_2.html

??? Regards, Hauke


Is there a chance for some help? regards, hauke