Bonjour Madames et Monsieurs,

(sorry for not speaking French) I have a simple question: the CPCWiki says that "The GX4000 is a game console based on a CPC 464+ without a floppy controller or keyboard (although it is actually possible to modify one, add a floppy controller and a keyboard and use it as a CPC+)."
Where can I find any information about such modifications?




a german demo-maker found this tip in 1992.
french magazine Amstrad 100% published during his last days in summer 1993.

you need:
- gx4000
- ddi-1 (the only easy way to plug a drive)
- cpc 464 (the keyboard, not the mainboard)
- a basic cpc+ cartridge (with or without burnin'rubber)
- some composants like resistors, ram (your are building a 6128+ and the gx4000 has only 64ko)...

the keyboard soldering step is not too difficult, but there's a lack of information about it because among all built cpc there are about 5 different ways to connect keyboard.

to my opinion, this operation is only good for fun. in 1993 cpc+ were still expensive but gx4000 were on sales everywhere. now, i don't think it's very useful.

french people : mon anglais est assez infâme mais en gros, c'est beaucoup de bruit pour pas grand chose, la modif est trop complexe et illogique dans certains point pour moi.
après, c'est un bon exercice.
Ma grand-mère fait du vélo



thanks for the information.
Meanwhile, I have at last found the howto on the mirror of the andercheran CPC WWW http://www.cepece.info/amstrad/docs/mods/gx2plus.html.
I have yet to find a suitable keyboard as my 464 and 6128s are working and I'm not willing to sacrifice any of them. So far the only reason I want to convert the console, apart from hopefully having fun in the process, is that I was unable to buy a real Plus as the postage from abroad was soo high or the sellers even refused to post abroad. sad

Would it be possible to somehow convert an old PC keyboard for the CPC? Or if there is a PS/2 kbd interface for the CPC that would solve the problem... wink

And sorry for not noticing the same topic in French topics/97840-gx4000-qui-devient-464.


You can put an ps/2 keyboard on the cpc,a cart make it possible.
Rock'n'Roll !


Thanks for the information. Where can I find more about this PS/2 keyboard adapter.?