Hello, all.
Please help me. I installed PedroM on a newly overclocked TI-89 and I've been trying to put the AMS system back on it for a while now. I can get text files off of it (and back on), as well as screenshots, using TiLP, but I cannot get any of the OS Upgrade files that I have, or .89k programs to transfer. gives an It usually an Error screen that says Link: VAR? Any help you could provide would be fantastic. Thanks in advance


Okay, allow me to enlighten anyone else who is bad at googling, and happens to stumble across this post. This applies to TiLP, as I didn't test this on anything else. Open the battery compartment, and unscrew the CR1616 battery door, and remove it. Now, remove one of the AAA batteries, and insert it. Now (with the CR1616 still removed, press and hold the APPS button whie powering it on. Type "I" (phonetic india). now, drag the .89u file to the calculator, click proceed, and DO NOT click off the TiLP instance. I did, and the transfer failed. Good Luck, and sorry for the redundant post.