Lik-Sang.com acquires InterAct Classics stocks for its Otaku
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InterAct products now on sale through Lik-Sang.com web site

Hong Kong, Monday June 2 - Lik-Sang.com, a Pacific Game Technology
(Holding) Limited company is proud to announce the results of talks
to InterAct Accessories, Inc., a Recoton company (NASDAQ:RCOT).

The acquisition of InterAct stocks of classic videogame accessories
allows Lik Sang to further expand the product range for its just in
April opened Otaku Corner®.The corner intends to satisfy classic gaming
needs for customers in more than 100 countries worldwide and has been a
huge success so far.

"We focused on purchasing the hardcore stuff . And we got our hands on
over 65.000 items for PS2, PS, Gameboy Advance, Dreamcast, N64, and
Classics consoles. This ensures you can own a little piece of history
for low price, as well guarantees a longer lifetime for some key
hardcore gaming products", says Pascal Clarysse, head of the Marketing
Department at Lik-Sang.com

In-dept news including pictures and the history can be found at


About Interact:

InterAct Accessories, Inc. is a subsidiary of Recoton Corporation.
Recoton is a global leader in the development and marketing of consumer
electronic accessories, audio products and gaming products. Recoton's
more than 4,000 products include highly functional accessories for
audio, video, car audio, camcorder, multi-media/computer, home office
and cellular and standard telephone products, as well as 900MHz wireless
technology products including headphones and speakers; loudspeakers and
car and marine audio products including high fidelity loudspeakers, home
theater speakers and car audio speakers and components; and accessories
for video and computer games.

About the Lik Sang Otaku Corner®

The Lik Sang Otaku Corner®is centred on the Classics products, for the
pleasure of all kind of nostalgic hardcore gamers worldwide. The Otaku
Corner®is born with Lik Sang's ambition to make it 'The' place to go for
any 'old school' gaming needs. Whichever console one can name, the Otaku
Corner®will list tons of stuff for it. Lik Sang is also producing
accessories right now in 2003 for the so-called 'old consoles' and
signing distribution agreements with game publishers.

More info: http://www.lik-sang.com

Contact: Pascal@lik-sang.com