J'ai traduit en anglais le début de notre épopée; Si quelqu'un peut vérifier et le mettre sur le site...
Once upon a day...
Gods created Celt and said him:
"You will live 6050 years. Honor us, get stuffs, build cities and monuments and colonize this planet named Earth".
Nuada named us Yargonautes
Dagda showeed us how to irrigate and mine land .
Camulus gave us chop for cutting woods;
Boann teached us pottery;
Bridgit showed us how to honor our death people.
Then Gods ordered us to invent new discoveries.
At least came the Supreme Prophethy: "When you will be ????? enough, you may colonize extra worlds."
in 4000 years from now, an unforgettable event will happen that you will name Christ"
God OctavianX had us born on a quite safe place, and advised us other tribes were living on the Earth, that purchased the same goal as us; some may be mighty, but some may try to destroy us.
One of those tribes, named "Mercenaries" would make anything for getting more gold.
Gods ordered us to choose some chiefs for leading us
Denpher (Hellgate) was our first leader, with flint as assistant
Venceslas was on charge of our cities
Great Druid, in charge of interpretating Gods' signs was Skidbladnir
In case of attack, Daneel Olivaw would lead the armies Prehisto, as our poet, will sing our glorious history with his pupil GD.