We would like very much to chat with you before passing our turn.

Will you be able to talk on AIM, MSN, or IRC within the next 8 hours?

-uberkrux, on behalf of the feudal team


Hi !

It's already late in France (midnight) but we can try a quick chat in 30
Anyway, we would prefer to use mail in the future.

We suggest an IRC session :
- server : kewl.org
- chan : #yargos

Will be present :
- flint, our president
- Skidbladnir, foreign advisor
- lud, military advisor
- myself, domestic advisor
And perhaps Prehisto, government spokesman

JM aka Muchembled
Yargos team


#yargos :
[00:54] *** UberKruX joined #yargos
[00:54]<JM> hello
[00:54]<UberKruX> hello
[00:54]<JM> is it ok for a chat ?
[00:54]<UberKruX> sorry for keeping you up so late smile
[00:54] *** GhengisFarb joined #yargos
[00:54]<GhengisFarb> Hello
[00:54]<flint> Hi !
[00:55]<prehisto> hi
[00:55]<flint> no problem
[00:55]<flint> ?
[00:55]<lud> hi
[00:56]<Skidbladnir> hey all
[00:56]<GhengisFarb> Greetings, neighbors.
[00:57]<GhengisFarb> So we have been told you have contact with 1BC also.
[00:57] *** Requiem joined #yargos
[00:57]<Skidbladnir> indeed
[00:57]<JM> Yes, there are a lot of tourists in your region
[00:57]<GhengisFarb> Have you met the Mercs?
[00:57]<JM> indeed
[00:57]<flint> yes
[00:58]<GhengisFarb> We plan on using Tourism income to supplement our science research
[00:58]<Skidbladnir> so do we, very profitable
[00:58]<Skidbladnir> orange ones especially
[00:58]<GhengisFarb> One wrong word and we have three foreign teams go at it in our hills though
[00:59]<GhengisFarb> orange ones?
[00:59]<flint> barbarians?
[00:59]<Skidbladnir> barbs
[00:59]<GhengisFarb> Ah what is your status towards 1BC?
[00:59]<Skidbladnir> yes, tough location for you
[01:00]<Skidbladnir> but Sumer strong defensive isnt it ?
[01:00]<JM> 1BC ? hmm, really undefined
[01:00]<GhengisFarb> We start out with our UU which is an extremely cheap Spearman
[01:01]<Skidbladnir> good point for you, you like your neighbours ?
[01:01]<flint> ?
[01:01]<GhengisFarb> For the most part yes, your UU has everyone a little cautious though.
[01:01]<Skidbladnir> flint Jm : argh c de l'impro là
[01:01]<flint> arf
[01:02]<Skidbladnir> That would be misunderstanding us, we're not an AI, but humans, celts are not always warmongers
[01:04]<GhengisFarb> 1BC claims that you are "out to get them"
[01:04]<flint> wrong actually
[01:04]<Skidbladnir> ! lol
[01:04]<GhengisFarb> Thats why we wanted to hear your side, one side of any story is rarely the truth
[01:04]<Skidbladnir> after so few turns ?
[01:05]<Skidbladnir> would we risk a so early conflict ?
[01:05]<Skidbladnir> with later the possibility of early GA ?
[01:05]<flint> hum, in fact we were looking forward for a peaceful relationship with 1BC
[01:05]<JM> skid > private chan !!
[01:06]<GhengisFarb> That's a completely different story than what they told us. Our team thinks that having contact with a large number of teams can be used to speed up tech research
[01:06]<UberKruX> in my expierence, continents tend to do better as a team, rather than enemies.
[01:07]<Skidbladnir> good point, same exerience here
[01:07]<GhengisFarb> Agreed.
[01:09]<GhengisFarb> Would your team be interested in a tech trade?
[01:10]<Skidbladnir> We are, do you have scientific relations with 1BC as well ?
[01:10]<UberKruX> ha.
[01:11]<GhengisFarb> We had a deal but then they sorta backed out of it, they won't agree to any confirmed trades anymore.
[01:12]<Skidbladnir> we had some with 1BC already but we actually feared our techs would be spread all over the continent for the only purpose of serving 1BC
[01:13]<JM> concerning 1BC, we must admit that we were in the obscurity while they were our only contact, so yes quite cautious, even about trade
[01:13]<GhengisFarb> We currently have Warrior Code and the Wheel.
[01:13]<UberKruX> (to offer you)
[01:13]<Skidbladnir> We're not sure they clearly defined their scientific cooperation policy and we're quite annoyed with them hesitating as well
[01:13] *** UberKruX nods at skid
[01:13]<GhengisFarb> We had offered to give 1bc all the techs we had that didn't have to bring them up with everyone tech wise and they turned us down
[01:14]<Skidbladnir> typical... *sigh*
[01:14]<GhengisFarb> What tech is your team researching now?
[01:14]<Skidbladnir> The thing is that so far, we havent any tech to trade sad
[01:15]<flint> We research "Masonnery" though
[01:15]<GhengisFarb> 1bc is researching Writing and we are researching Mysticism
[01:15]<UberKruX> do you have masonry? are are you working on it?
[01:16]<Skidbladnir> working on it
[01:16]<flint> working on it
[01:16]<GhengisFarb> Ah, 1bc convinced team Merc to switch to Masonry after they were already researching Writing.
[01:16]<Skidbladnir> oh
[01:16]<UberKruX> an interesting turn of events.
[01:16]<Skidbladnir> so you would like every 4 of us to search different techs and exchange it ?
[01:17]<GhengisFarb> Sounds like they made sure they had exclusive dibs on Writing which is the key to the rest and got us researchign the same tech so we are all dependent on 1BC
[01:17]<Skidbladnir> gj
[01:17]<flint> We had only a contact with o1BC one turn ago
[01:17]<UberKruX> wait, what?
[01:17]<UberKruX> you only met them last turn?
[01:17]<GhengisFarb> Yes, it seems wasteful to me for 2 teams to be spending beakers on the same tech
[01:17]<Skidbladnir> no, last contact was last turn
[01:17]<UberKruX> ah.
[01:17]<JM> Anyway, we would prefer to consult our citizens before negociating. We would prefer to stick to this turn
[01:18]<GhengisFarb> I understand, but perhaps we should coordinate with the Mercs on the next tech each of our teams research
[01:18]<GhengisFarb> 1bc has already said they will research Philosophy next
[01:19]<Skidbladnir> of course they will, sci civ
[01:19]<Skidbladnir> why dont you tho ?
[01:19]<flint> ?
[01:19]<UberKruX> because we were tricked into not researching writing
[01:20]<Skidbladnir> sweet from them..
[01:20]<flint> skid, are you alright grin ?
[01:20]<GhengisFarb> We had all three agreed to research three different techs and trade, then they backed out of trading Writing
[01:21]<GhengisFarb> Right now our main concern is getting Writing, as it appears 1bc may try to get a lot of gold for it or something
[01:22]<GhengisFarb> My concern is they will trade Writing to either you or the Mercs and they make the other one pay in gold
[01:23]<GhengisFarb> Since you are both researching the same tech
[01:23]<Skidbladnir> fair enough sad
[01:23]<Skidbladnir> Are you interested in getting philo first ?
[01:23]<prehisto> well, fellows, I've got to go now, good bye !
[01:23] *** prehisto left #yargos
[01:24]<GhengisFarb> Personally I think this is kinda unfair, I would like to see everyone get ahead together not necessarily using one team for the betterment of one other team
[01:24]<UberKruX> exactly.
[01:24]<Skidbladnir> of course, that was ironic
[01:24]<Skidbladnir> We're on the same line than you
[01:24]<GhengisFarb> I don't want to see your team get screwed but I don't want to see us or the Mercs get screwed either.
[01:25]<GhengisFarb> Your team isn't Agricultural is it?
[01:25]<Skidbladnir> it is
[01:25]<flint> why?
[01:26]<UberKruX> celts = agri + relig
[01:26]<GhengisFarb> I'm trying to remember what the Celts traits are in C3C
[01:26]<Skidbladnir> that's it
[01:26]<Skidbladnir> rel-agr
[01:26]<GhengisFarb> Ah,they lost the Militaristic trait
[01:27]<GhengisFarb> So none of the three us have Miliaristic as a trait
[01:27]<Skidbladnir> except dear mercs..
[01:27]<GhengisFarb> True, but that is their nature.
[01:28]<Skidbladnir> hehe
[01:28]<flint> our UU ist there to protect us if necessary wink
[01:30]<Skidbladnir> You said 1BC turned its back on you for techs
[01:30]<UberKruX> yes.
[01:30]<UberKruX> they made a deal, and then cancelled it
[01:30]<UberKruX> citing the deal was not "official"
[01:30]<Skidbladnir> what was the deal again ?
[01:32]<GhengisFarb> Not really, they negotiated a tech deal and we checked on it before agreeing to it and couldn't make it happen
[01:33]<Skidbladnir> ok, so now you would like us to trade wc+wheel vs masonry ?
[01:33]<GhengisFarb> The negotiated a second one to compensate for the new contact and they said they would probably agree to it.
[01:33]<GhengisFarb> Theres more
[01:33]<Skidbladnir> "probably"
[01:33]<GhengisFarb> The second attemp at a tech dela
[01:33]<Skidbladnir> hum clock riders
[01:34]<GhengisFarb> never mind if you don't want to know what happened no prob
[01:34]<Skidbladnir> no !
[01:34]<Skidbladnir> i spoke about them, sorry
[01:34]<Skidbladnir> misunderstanding sad
[01:34]<GhengisFarb> what are clock riders?
[01:34]<Skidbladnir> time runners ? 1bc
[01:35]<UberKruX> is that a translation of a french term? :confused:
[01:35]<flint> lol
[01:35]<Skidbladnir> lol i heard english ppl using it smile
[01:35]<Skidbladnir> ppl playing on time
[01:35]<Skidbladnir> obviously the case of 1BC
[01:36]<Skidbladnir> so what happened next ? (sorry for the confusion)
[01:36]<GhengisFarb> we tried two deal neither went through, but the second negotiation required our team and the Merc team to swich the techs we were researchign and cost us beakers, after taht they decided not to go through with it
[01:36]<Skidbladnir> ok
[01:36]<GhengisFarb> So they didn't break a tech deal, but the caused our two teams to lose research in good faith
[01:36]<Skidbladnir> very well done
[01:37]<GhengisFarb> We trusted them to go through with the deal and sacrificed research only after we did so they changed their mind and left us stuck with our new tech projects
[01:38]<GhengisFarb> Hence the reason neither of us are researching Writing
[01:39]<GhengisFarb> So now are concern is that they are going to make us pay dearly for Writing since they won't agree to the tech for tech trade we had supposed negotiated for.
[01:39]<Skidbladnir> Well we hadn't all those difficulties with them
[01:39]<flint> 1BC wanted probably the extra tech of philosophy... wink
[01:40]<GhengisFarb> Needless to say we don't plan on coordinating with them that closely anymore. wink
[01:40]<Skidbladnir> Will you turn you research on writing tho ?
[01:40]<GhengisFarb> But the damage is done so to speak, Writing is required for quite a few techs.
[01:42]<GhengisFarb> We may have to after we finish the tech we are researching if they refuse to trade it to us.
[01:43]<GhengisFarb> I suspect they plan to hold onto Writing for a few turns to insure they have a lead in researching Philosophy before trading it to anyone
[01:44]<flint> yes
[01:45]<Skidbladnir> You'll understand that we dont want to turn to writing now either
[01:45]<JM> hmm ok, those clarifications about 1BC intentions merit our entire attention so we will consider your proposal
[01:46]<Skidbladnir> ie wc-wheel/masonry
[01:46]<GhengisFarb> Oh of course not, I wasn't suggesting you research Writing, if anything I would prefer a boycott of 1bc until they agreed to trade it to our three teams
[01:47]<GhengisFarb> I just hate wasting beakers on a tech someone else had already researched.
[01:47]<Skidbladnir> same here..
[01:47]<GhengisFarb> With four teams we have half of the research power, if we work together we could develop a large tech lead
[01:48]<GhengisFarb> Masonry had a cost of 4, WC and Wheel have a combined cost of 7
[01:49]<JM> hmm, yes masonry = wheel
[01:49]<GhengisFarb> I think we would be willing to trade 2 for 1 if it was agreed that the differnce in value was made up in some later trade.
[01:49]<GhengisFarb> No point in keeping your civ behind is there?
[01:50]<Skidbladnir> sure
[01:50]<flint> we could also maybe give you some extra gold...
[01:50]<Skidbladnir> lol
[01:51]<flint> grin
[01:51]<Skidbladnir> well that's interesting, of course we can't answer right now, we have to vote and discuss it in team, but that's very ice of you
[01:52]<Skidbladnir> nice
[01:52]<GhengisFarb> Do you have Masonry right now are or you researching it?
[01:52]<Skidbladnir> Should we stop the chat now and meet again soon ?
[01:52]<Skidbladnir> we're researching it
[01:52]<flint> we'll send a mail ,)
[01:53]<GhengisFarb> Is Masonry the only tech you have that we don't?
[01:53]<Skidbladnir> probably (or ?)
[01:53]<flint> yes sad
[01:54]<flint> We'll contact you after we've discussed with the other members of our team.
[01:55]<flint> It is very late now, I must go to sleep tongue
[01:55]<GhengisFarb> The thing is when we finish Mysticism you will be behind again.
[01:55]<GhengisFarb> We WILL find a way to get you completely caught up in tech though, how many turns till you finish Masonry?
[01:56]<Skidbladnir> flint ?
[01:57]<GhengisFarb> If I get your research time I will get info from the Mercs and crunch numbers and see if we coordinate so thay we don't research the same things
[01:58]<flint> I don't remember, too tied .. zzzzzzzzz
[01:58]<Skidbladnir> ...
[01:58]<GhengisFarb> If you can pm the info to me when you get your turn that would be great.
[01:58]<Skidbladnir> Well we agree on the principle and thank you, should we recontact you when we have it ?
[01:58]<Skidbladnir> The idea is good tho
[01:59]<Skidbladnir> We obviously don't want to "suffer" what you just passed thru, ie switching techs
[02:00]<Skidbladnir> so we need the mercs program
[02:00]<Skidbladnir> you have any info about their tech program ?
[02:00]<GhengisFarb> We may just give you WC and WHeel for the promise of tech later on in the game
[02:00]<Skidbladnir> any tech ?
[02:01]<GhengisFarb> Will have to check with the rest of the team and see what a tech plan looks like
[02:01]<GhengisFarb> There may be a point at which one tech is costlier to research and your team would take the costlier tech or something
[02:02]<Skidbladnir> well sounds good, we have to discuss it too
[02:03]<GhengisFarb> Hopefully we can get this all worked out and everyone on an equal footing.
[02:03]<Skidbladnir> should we stop it here and recontact by mails or this kind of nice meeting again later ?
[02:03]<Skidbladnir> exactly, that's clearly our aim as well
[02:04]<GhengisFarb> Wow, your team is much nicer to negotiate than we were led to believe. smile
[02:04]<Skidbladnir> lol thanks smile
[02:05]<Skidbladnir> we use to drink ennemy's blood before meetings, very calming
[02:05]<Skidbladnir> but you probably heard this legend already
[02:06]<flint> We are truely teddy bears
[02:06]<flint> grin
[02:06]<Skidbladnir> lol
[02:06]<GhengisFarb> we were told it was during meetings and was the blood of the others who showed up for the meeting
[02:06]<Skidbladnir> ok guys
[02:06]<Skidbladnir> lol
[02:07]<Skidbladnir> let's go back to our shelters..
[02:07]<GhengisFarb> Perhaps we should plan for a multiteam chat with all of the contacted teams at some point
[02:07]<Skidbladnir> maybe, idea to be considered
[02:07]<JM> wow, the ONU is already built smile
[02:08]<GhengisFarb> what's an onu
[02:08]<Skidbladnir> UN
[02:08]<flint> UNO
[02:08]<Skidbladnir> UFO
[02:08]<UberKruX> take 4 cards
[02:08]<Skidbladnir> hohoho...
[02:08]<flint> muhahahaha
[02:08]<GhengisFarb> :scared:
[02:08]<Skidbladnir> see you all guys ?
[02:08]<UberKruX> i have to go. thanks smile
[02:09]<UberKruX> sorry again for keeping you up so late
[02:09]<GhengisFarb> see you my lasagna's done
[02:09]<Skidbladnir> no pb
[02:09] *** UberKruX quit Kewl.Org : Quit:
[02:09]<flint> We'll contact you very soon
[02:09]<Skidbladnir> bye smile
[02:09]<flint> salut !
[02:09]<GhengisFarb> Good bye


partie privée :
[01:00]<flint> je comprends pas tout lol*
[01:00]<prehisto> ils veulent savoir quel sont nos rapports envers 1BC ?
[01:01]<JM> pour en savoir plus
[01:01]<prehisto> lol
[01:02]<prehisto> skid qui parle en francais en plein mileu
[01:02]<prehisto> lol
[01:02]<JM> skid, c'est ici !!
[01:02]<prehisto> re-lol
[01:02]<lud2> ca sent la demande d'alliance contre 1BC
[01:03]<prehisto> bon, on leur demande où ils veulent en venir ?
[01:03]<flint> ils disent qu'il faut prendre des précautions avec les celtes !
[01:03]<prehisto> c ce que je vois
[01:04]<JM> logique, si on veut rentabiliser notre UU
[01:04]<lud2> qu'ils nous donnent toute leur tech et on prendra des précautions en les écrabouillants
[01:04]<JM> "out to get them" == ?
[01:04]<lud2> out to get them?
[01:04]<JM> skid !!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:04]<prehisto> don't know
[01:05]<prehisto> euh ...
[01:05]<prehisto> JM, tu enregistres la converation ?
[01:05]<JM> vi
[01:05]<Skidbladnir> on est de sortie pour les buter
[01:05]<JM> ah
[01:05]<JM> enfin
[01:06]<prehisto> lol
[01:06]<Skidbladnir> flint, attends
[01:06]<flint> oue
[01:06]<JM> faut plus polluer l'autre chan
[01:06]<lud2> ah bon!!
[01:06]<JM> et "out to get them" == ?
[01:06]<Skidbladnir> de sortie pour les buter
[01:06]<Skidbladnir> (traduction)
[01:06]<flint> 1 BC croyait qu'on était parti pour les buter
[01:07]<lud2> buter qui? 1BC ou les feudals?
[01:07]<Skidbladnir> Sumer voudrait une alliance à 3 ?
[01:07]<flint> 1BC
[01:07]<Skidbladnir> 1BC a raconté des conneries à Sumer
[01:07]<JM> faut dire aussi qu'on a complèteemnt changer d'avis concernant 1BC il y a à peine 1 tour
[01:08]<flint> oue
[01:08]<flint> on avait pas repondu et mis notre lancier sur la montagne grin
[01:08]<Skidbladnir> actually, 1BC recently showed poor signs of willing a tech cooperation
[01:08]<Skidbladnir> ça va ?
[01:08]<prehisto> ben wé
[01:08]<JM> hmm bof
[01:08]<lud2> oui
[01:08]<Skidbladnir> jm ?
[01:08]<Skidbladnir> idée ?
[01:09]<prehisto> ça dépend, soit on leur dévoile tout
[01:09]<flint> bof
[01:09]<JM> ben à la vérité, c'est tout le contraire
[01:09]<Skidbladnir> on leur demande ce qu'ils veulent
[01:09]<prehisto> soit on masque
[01:09]<Skidbladnir> ?
[01:09]<prehisto> oui
[01:09]<prehisto> ah ben ils l'ont fait tt seuls
[01:09]<Skidbladnir> hehe
[01:09]<prehisto> yes, no, more reflexion ?
[01:09]<flint> on n'a rien a leur échanger !
[01:10]<lud2> demandons leur ce qu'ils ont à proposer
[01:10]<lud2> cela ne coute rien
[01:10]<JM> on a rien à proposer
[01:10]<Requiem> la paix
[01:10]<prehisto> c déjà bocou
[01:10]<Skidbladnir> lol req
[01:10]<prehisto> ils ont peur de notre UU
[01:10]<flint> oui
[01:11]<lud2> on peut leur piquer leur travailleur puis l'échanger
[01:11]<flint> mais on leur dit l'accord qu'o va passer avec 1 BC ?
[01:11]<Requiem> militairement on + rapide k tt le monde dc ils nous craignent ts
[01:11]<flint> oui mais une alliance byzantins + sumériens ?
[01:11]<Requiem> c nous ki devont poser nos condition
[01:11]<prehisto> pk pas
[01:12]<flint> on n'est pas ds une position ou on peut être arrogants
[01:12]<JM> "concerning 1BC, we must admit that we were in the obscurity while they were our only contact, so yes quite cautious, even about trade" ?
[01:13]<prehisto> wé, ça va
[01:13]<flint> on leur dit qu'on le savait ?
[01:13]<flint> qu'ils avaient roue + CDG ,
[01:13]<prehisto> ben nan, pk ?
[01:13]<Skidbladnir> pas la peine
[01:14]<JM> le fait est qu'on a rien proposer
[01:14]<Skidbladnir> on leur dit ?
[01:14]<flint> maconnerie ?
[01:14]<lud2> ils le savent déjà
[01:15]<prehisto> franchement je verrai bien alliance avec smuer contre 1BC
[01:15]<Skidbladnir> ils demandent ce qu'on cherche
[01:15]<Skidbladnir> oui pre
[01:15]<lud2> ils utilisent les mêmes techniques que nous pour savoir ce qu'on a comme tech
[01:17]<JM> skid, stop, on va trop loin
[01:17]<Skidbladnir> ok
[01:17]<Skidbladnir> jm ??
[01:18]<JM> ben oui, on leur dit des choses que notre équipe ne veut pas forcément dévoiler
[01:18]<lud2> de toutes façons on a rien à négocier mais j'ai l'impression qu'on se fait avoir
[01:18]<Skidbladnir> mais on peut aller plus loin dans la prise d'infos
[01:19]<JM> ils sont en train de rechercher qqch donc ils n'ont même pas besoin de savoir tout ça pour jouer
[01:19]<prehisto> euh ... je rêve ou depuis tt à l'heure ils proposent une coopération à 4 ?
[01:19]<lud2> quel est l'intérêt, il va bien falloir que certaines civs sautent du contient
[01:19]<flint> oué
[01:20]<prehisto> c clair
[01:20]<Skidbladnir> wi, et byz sera celle là
[01:20]<JM> c'ets la folie, on est perdant à accélérer la recherche ! nos épéistes vont être obsolètes trop vites
[01:20]<prehisto> (le byzantins)
[01:20]<prehisto> JM> c vrai j'y avait pas pensé
[01:20]<prehisto> mais si on refuse, on fonce dans le mur
[01:20]<Skidbladnir> oui mais on peut les tourner contre 1BC
[01:20]<Requiem> jm a raison on est perdant sur ce cout la
[01:20]<lud2> même avis que JM, ce n'est pas dans notre intérêt.
[01:21]<Skidbladnir> flint..........
[01:21]<flint> .. embarrassed
[01:21]<Skidbladnir> ils avaient une coordination à 3 mais se sont fait avoir pensent ils
[01:21]<prehisto> je suis d'accord, mais, s'ils sont alliés à trois déjà, et qu'on refuse, devinez qui va virer de l'ile ?
[01:21]<Skidbladnir> on peut accepter le deal contre masonry
[01:21]<lud2> quel deal?
[01:22]<JM> contre ?
[01:22]<prehisto> bon, j'y vais.
[01:22]<flint> ca aurait été mieux par e-mail ,)
[01:22]<Skidbladnir> code du g et l'autre contre mas
[01:22]<lud2> cela me parait un bon deal
[01:22]<flint> CDG et roue contre mac
[01:22]<flint> cpas équitable
[01:22]<Skidbladnir> ils veulent pas que 1BC se fasse trop de fric sur le dos de tout le monde
[01:23]<prehisto> ("well, fellows, I've got to go now, good bye !" c bon ?)
[01:23]<flint> They want us to trade Iron Working je leur dis?
[01:23]<Skidbladnir> bye pre smile
[01:23]<JM> non
[01:23]<lud2> non
[01:23] *** prehisto left #thegrenouille
[01:23]<Skidbladnir> pkoi pas jm ?
[01:24]<Skidbladnir> ça va les braquer encore plus
[01:24]<Skidbladnir> tant mieux
[01:24]<JM> faut penser à stoper la discussion
[01:25]<Skidbladnir> pkoi ?
[01:25]<Skidbladnir> ils vont à l'alliance contre 1BC là
[01:25]<JM> clair
[01:25]<Skidbladnir> tant mieux ?
[01:25]<JM> flint > pour discuter wink
[01:25]<Skidbladnir> même si c pas formel, jettons les ponts
[01:26]<lud2> oui, voyons jusqu'où ils sont prêt à aller
[01:26]<Skidbladnir> So what could we technically do to avoid getting all screwed ?
[01:27]<Skidbladnir> ça va ?
[01:27]<lud2> screwed?
[01:27]<Skidbladnir> coincé
[01:27]<flint> exterminés
[01:27]<Skidbladnir> en techs
[01:27]<Skidbladnir> non, plutôt coincés
[01:27]<flint> lol
[01:27]<lud2> merci
[01:28]<Skidbladnir> So what could we technically do to avoid getting all screwed ?
[01:28]<Skidbladnir> ok ?
[01:28]<JM> non, réponse évident
[01:28]<Skidbladnir> certes
[01:28]<Skidbladnir> flint...
[01:29]<flint> boulette ?
[01:29]<Skidbladnir> on propose le deal ?
[01:29]<JM> NON
[01:29]<Skidbladnir> p être flint smile)
[01:29]<Skidbladnir> vote d'avord exact
[01:29]<JM> ils veulent qu'on s'engagent maintenant à s'allier
[01:29]<JM> on ne peut pas prendre cette responsabiilté
[01:29]<Requiem> c trop to
[01:29]<lud2> quel deal? alliance contre 1BC
[01:29]<Skidbladnir> on doit réfléchir..
[01:29]<Skidbladnir> le deal de techs
[01:29]<Skidbladnir> le deal de techs est bon non ?
[01:30]<Requiem> aucun a mon avis
[01:30]<flint> on leur dit qu'on les contactera et qu'on doit réfélchir a la situation garce aux éléments qu'ilsont donné
[01:30]<Requiem> on est po la majorite
[01:30]<Skidbladnir> oui
[01:30]<Skidbladnir> je demande juste des précisions
[01:30]<JM> c'est une décision majeure
[01:30]<JM> on ne peut pas casser tout le DG sur une discussion aussi rapide
[01:31]<Skidbladnir> oui
[01:31]<JM> lol skid
[01:31]<Requiem> oui MAJEURE
[01:31]<Skidbladnir> je suis entièrement d'accord
[01:32]<Skidbladnir> profitons juste du temps restant pour éclairer la situation
[01:32]<Skidbladnir> on est pas vraiment sur de ce qu'ils veulent là
[01:32]<flint> "Ok guys, we must discuss about the situation that you presented us with the members our team. we'll contact you very soon" ?
[01:33]<Skidbladnir> atta
[01:34]<JM> clock riders ?
[01:34]<Skidbladnir> joue la montre
[01:35]<flint> lol
[01:36]<flint> arretons de casser 1BC ca pourrait se retourner contre nous !
[01:36]<Requiem> oui
[01:37]<Skidbladnir> certes
[01:37]<JM> ouais ils commercent pas seulement les techs mais les rumeurs
[01:37]<flint> ca se trouve, ils enregistrent grin
[01:37]<Skidbladnir> hehe
[01:37]<JM> et ils se placent bien en victimes
[01:37]<Skidbladnir> ils ont l'air en colère contre eux
[01:38]<Skidbladnir> on leur demande clairement ce qu'ils veuleut comme deal et on arrête ?
[01:38]<flint> non
[01:38]<lud2> je ne pense pas qu'ils s'allient avec 1BC ce qui est bien pour nous
[01:38]<flint> on les recontactera, non?
[01:39]<Skidbladnir> non
[01:39]<Skidbladnir> on attends ce qu'ils veulent exactement (?)
[01:39]<JM> mais on sait ce qu'ils veulent !
[01:40]<Skidbladnir> quoi ? wc-wheel/masonry ? ils ont pas dit oui
[01:40]<Skidbladnir> ils ont pas dit qu'ils voulaient ça
[01:40]<lud2> euh je pense même qu'ils espèrent récupéré writing dans l'échange avec nous mais j'ai peut être pas tout compris
[01:41]<flint> ils veulent isoler 1BC scientifiquement
[01:41]<JM> ils veulent commercer, n'importe quoi, et même s'ailler contre IBC
[01:41]<JM> bref, c'est assez clair
[01:41]<Skidbladnir> pas évident évident
[01:41]<Skidbladnir> j'attends leur réponse
[01:41]<lud2> je suis du même avis que JM
[01:41]<flint> moi aussi
[01:42]<flint> apres avoir filé le TDF contre l'écriture, on attaque 1BC ?
[01:42]<flint> lol
[01:43]<Skidbladnir> trop risqué flint
[01:43]<Skidbladnir> on leur demande pkoi ils ont pas filé TdF à 1BC ?
[01:43]<flint> on verra sur les forums de toute facon wink
[01:43]<lud2> a mon avis 1 BC leur a fait le même coupqu'avec nous ou ils ont augmenter leur demande (2 techs au lieu d'une)
[01:43]<flint> non surtout pas
[01:43]<JM> "hmm ok, those clarifications about 1BC intentions merits our entire attention so we will consider your proposal." > ça va ?
[01:43]<lud2> oui il ne faut pas leur dire qu'elle est notre accord car ils pourraient le proposer à 1BC
[01:44]<flint> oui
[01:44]<Skidbladnir> ok JM, mais quelle proposal ?
[01:44]<JM> ben ce que j'ai répéter 10 fois wink
[01:45]<lud2> COL + wheel contre maconnerie
[01:45]<Skidbladnir> ah celle là JM wink
[01:45]<JM> par exemple
[01:45]<Skidbladnir> ils ont pas dit ça clairement
[01:46]<JM> ils s'agissait égalemnt d'un embargo envers lBC
[01:46]<flint> + opr de notre part ?
[01:46]<lud2> ca le mérite d'être clair leur réponse
[01:47]<flint> isoler 1BC scientifiquement !
[01:47]<Skidbladnir> hehe, pas mal
[01:47]<Skidbladnir> à voter smile
[01:47]<lud2> oui sauf que c'est les seuls avec qui on a des choses à échanger
[01:48]<Skidbladnir> ils veulent du 4 à rechercher
[01:48]<Skidbladnir> c trop pour notre UU
[01:48]<Requiem> oui
[01:48]<Skidbladnir> féo arrivera trop vite
[01:48]<JM> en plus, ils se plaignent mais ce sont les plus avancés avec les mercs
[01:48]<Skidbladnir> heh
[01:48]<lud2> il faut a tout prix éliminer une civ avant la fin de l'antiquité
[01:49]<flint> mais c'est sur que si on les agresse on se tourne tt le monde contre nous .
[01:49]<Skidbladnir> on peut leur demander comment on sera certains de pas être cou...nés pour les techs aussi (dans l'idée)
[01:49]<lud2> j'ai pas dit qu'il fallait les agresser mais faut qu'on arrive à restreindre les accords à 3 civs
[01:49]<Skidbladnir> jm....
[01:50]<Skidbladnir> on pourrait leur dire que c bon pour rattrapper notre retard techno
[01:50]<Skidbladnir> ils le disent eux même
[01:50]<lud2> bonne idée car sinon on ne pourra pas apporter grand chose en recherche
[01:50]<Skidbladnir> flint !!
[01:50]<Skidbladnir> lol
[01:51]<Skidbladnir> oups dérapage de moi
[01:51]<Requiem> n'en dit po trop flint
[01:51]<JM> bon, j've me coucher wink
[01:51]<Requiem> ok a+
[01:51]<lud2> c'est vrai qu'il se fait tard
[01:51]<flint> moi aussi, mettons fin a la discussion
[01:51]<Requiem> ok
[01:52]<Skidbladnir> ok
[01:54]<JM> un kickall me demange grin
[01:54]<Skidbladnir> hehe
[01:55]<Skidbladnir> atta flint, ils réfléchissent
[01:55]<Skidbladnir> ils pensent
[01:55]<Skidbladnir> ..
[01:55]<JM> oué, ils veulent surtout qu'on se précipite
[01:55]<Skidbladnir> tiens, ils ont fini de penser
[01:55]<Skidbladnir> c sympa je trouve de leur part
[01:56]<flint> bof
[01:56]<Skidbladnir> on répond ?
[01:56]<JM> "bye" smile
[01:56]<Skidbladnir> héhé
[01:56]<Skidbladnir> flint ?
[01:56]<lud2> 6 tours max mais je sais pas s'il faut leur dire
[01:56]<flint> je leur dit ?
[01:56]<JM> surout pas
[01:56]<Skidbladnir> humm
[01:57]<Skidbladnir> on propose un recontact à ce moment ?
[01:57]<lud2> ce serait mieux
[01:57]<Skidbladnir> Well we agree on the principle and thank you, should we recontact you when we have it ?
[01:58]<Skidbladnir> ça va ?
[01:58]<lud2> oui
[01:58]<JM> vas-y
[02:00]<Skidbladnir> waw
[02:00]<JM> on sait déjà ce qu'il recherchent, et s'ils ne le savent pas, tantmieux
[02:01]<Skidbladnir> ils cherchent quoi ?
[02:01]<JM> maconnerie
[02:01]<Skidbladnir> non
[02:01]<Skidbladnir> les mercs oui
[02:01]<Skidbladnir> je crois
[02:01]<Skidbladnir> eux c myst
[02:01]<JM> ben oui
[02:02]<flint> oui c myst
[02:03]<Skidbladnir> should we stop it here and recontact by mails or this kind of nice meeting again later ?
[02:03]<Skidbladnir> ?
[02:03]<Skidbladnir> ça va ?
[02:03]<lud2> oui oui
[02:03]<JM> skid, ne relance pas la discussion ensuite, hein !
[02:04]<Skidbladnir> heh
[02:04]<Skidbladnir> oh si, s'il te plait...
[02:05]<Skidbladnir> aller, ils ont finit là ?
[02:05]<JM> et maintenant, si on change complètement de direction, on va avoir l'air d'une civ qui ne tient pas sa parole : c'est le pb d'un engagement précoce
[02:06]<JM> vi et faut qu'on quitte les premiers s'ils ne le font pas
[02:06]<Skidbladnir> ok


Esteemed Yargos,

We would like to state our intention to move the settler stack currently west of your warrior northwest next turn. We would ask you kindly not to obstruct our planned moves. Also, if there is a 1BC warrior anywhere in the vicinity, could you let us know so that we could send a similar message to them?

Also, have you made any conclusions on technology trades?
Mind the gap ?


Dear Feudals,

It's been a long time since last chat, time that we used to discuss and weigh the situation.
First, let me announce you that our warrior didn't attack your settler stack. We dont know about other civ's warriors intentions, but evidence is that you will find him alive next time you play your save smile Yet, you have to know that your settler hasn't much of prospects in the west. Within the context of our scientific collaboration, we would like to have a discussion about our borders. What are your ideas on this precise subject ? 1BC team already put a city quite next to our borders, that was a (bad) surprise for us, and we now would like to clarify this issue with all teams living on this beautiful continent.

Then, I 'd like to announce you that our research on masonry should be completed in a few turns, probably 2 turns. We dont know when Mercs will complete it though. We and Mercs came to the same conclusions as you : a good research program could help our civs to keep in touch or even put more distance with the other continent in terms of science race. Your scientific trait is quite interesting in this frame. Speaking of other civs, how did your relations with 1BC evolved ?

We're quite afraid that a common research program between us may entail a military response from communal team (Byzance). What would you think of building a concerted defense ? As you mentionned, our UU is especially powerful now that this world entered the C3C. But everybody here knows the power of ancient cavalries when Statue of Zeus is built. And we all know that in the short-mid run, you could happen to build it, which would be a good tool to protect both of us.

We eagerly await your answers


Yargos team
descendre, descendre, pour ne plus jamais avoir à monter


Sorry for the delay, but a few members of the feudal team have been busy recently, including GhengisFarb who cannot play civ anymore, as his CD is broken.

Our settler stack is heading NW, NW, N, and building a city for GhengisFarb. He was the highest bidder for the first settler, and that was the spot he has chosen. We hope that you will not disrupt our path to the city.

As for a discussion regarding borders, you should probably address GhengisFarb himself about them, because it is his fief that will be closest to you. You can reach him at his email: GhengisFarb@yahoo.com. The other lords are most likely not going to be on your border, and thusly have no vested interest in the border there.

To my knowledge, we have not heard from 1BC since we last chatted with you, but I am not the official envoy to them. To be honest with you, ever since they broke the deal with us I have simply not wanted to talk to them. Luckily, the other feudal lords are more forgiving than myself, and they have been handling the situation.

We are very interested in a scientific agreement between our three peoples, the Feudals, the Mercs, and the Yargos. I’m sure 1BC will fit in there somewhere, but if they get left out in the cold, I doubt many will care.

Why do you believe a common research program would lead to war with the Community? Please elaborate on this point.

As for our defense, we feel that our capability to build the cheap but effective Enkidu Warriors will be more than enough to defend our holdings, should the need arise. You mentioned a “concerted defense”, which I am taking to mean some kind of allied defensive treaty. Please clarify what you mean by that, so we can respond with a full understanding.

The Feudal Lords are currently in a raging debate regarding the Statue of Zeus. Some of the want it to be built by the Empire, and other lords wish to build it themselves. The debate is currently quite heated, and both sides are about even. We are going to hold an official vote on it quite soon, but be assured that we will build it.

-UberKruX on behalf of the Feudal Team
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Dear UberKrux,

Our last message was headed to your all team (empire), not only to you, should we take your answer as your personnal point of view or as a team statement ?
I understand each Lord has his rights/duties/mail service, but could you please include in your mails to our team the position of each lord concerned by the issue(s) we raise ? We're not really willing to write a personnal mail to each of them sad

thank you smile

Yargos team
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This was for the team.

allright, thanks. But just, would it be possible to get the point of view of GengisFarb in a further mail ? Thank you smile

Ghengis is very busy today, and said in the private forums, and I quote, “Tell them to contact me later, and we will discuss the borders”
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Hey Gengis,

it's skidbladnir, for the french team, we'd just like to know where you intend to create your castle, so we can discuss borders between our two nations. Your settler is approaching lands necessary for our own expension on this small continent.

waiting for your answer smile

descendre, descendre, pour ne plus jamais avoir à monter


Gengis Farb :
He's going north and a little west. The city he's
founding will be to the south of 1bc's recent city.
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Dear Feudals,

GengisFarb told us in a chat that your team thinks that having contact with a large number of teams can be used to speed up tech research. We agree with that statement and are ready to share our knowledge.

Right now, we can give you the art of writing and the masonry. As far as we can remember, you already have warrior code and the wheel. But we would like to know if your research of Mysticism is also completed. If not, in how many turns you think that it will be ready ?

As you can see, we are really open to collaborate in any scientific project. We hope that this feeling will be spread over this continent.

By the way, we were really surprised by the position of your new city Babylon. You have ignored our request of not to build that far in West. This new city forced us to change our plan for our expansion and you certainly understand that our citizen fear to be a little crowded in our litlle space. We think that Babylon's limits can be considered as the border of our two nations. An other city close to our borders could be a source of a major degradation in our relation.


Team Yargos.
Never surrender


I need to chat to your team about Tech trades can we talk?
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* UberKruX has joined #yargos
<Lordevil|away> sup
* Lordevil|away is now known as lordevil
<UberKruX> is there a chat scheduled? we recieved 2 emails
<UberKruX> and the second one mentioned some times, but i am unsure which timezoen they are in
<lordevil> yeah we available earlier
<lordevil> but now they all went bed
<lordevil> it was Paris time
<lordevil> but nervermind
<lordevil> we can schedule another time if u want
<UberKruX> ah, well, we don't check the yahoo mail until someone posts something to us
<lordevil> where do u live ?
<UberKruX> NY
<lordevil> my bad, i'm the new foreign minister
<UberKruX> err, New York smile
<lordevil> and i didnt know what is the protocole
<lordevil> it's ok, i live at Montreal smile
<lordevil> are u available in afternoon ?
<UberKruX> tomorrow afternoon?
<lordevil> hmm let's say tuesday afternoon ?
<lordevil> then i can be sure that my team will be there
<UberKruX> what time, in EST? smile
<lordevil> well, 3.00 PM Eastern time ?
<UberKruX> i am busy from 2-4 on teusdays sad
<lordevil> ok let's say wednesday then ?
<lordevil> we can try tomorrow
<UberKruX> wednesday @ 3?
<lordevil> but i'm just afraid it's too short
<lordevil> yeah wednesday at 3 would be nice
<UberKruX> yeah, we're better off waiting smile
<UberKruX> alright, i'll post it in the forum
<lordevil> but why do u want to chat ?
<UberKruX> i thought you guys wanted to chat?
<lordevil> is there something u want to need to discuss and require time ?
<UberKruX> we would like to do the tech trades as soon as possible
<lordevil> no 1 we recieved a mail from ur team which request a chat
<UberKruX> oh
<lordevil> us too
<UberKruX> farb didn't tell us he sent it
<UberKruX> alright
<lordevil> i sent u a mail in which i said we have writing masonery
<lordevil> so we are ready to share our knowledge
<UberKruX> yes, that is what prompted me to join the chat
<lordevil> did u finish mysticism ?
<UberKruX> we are willing to trade warrior code and the wheel for writing
<UberKruX> no, not yet
<UberKruX> i am unsure of how many turns are left, but i don't believe it is too long
<lordevil> how many turn do u need to finish it ?
<UberKruX> uhhh, 2 or 3, i believe
<lordevil> well, to be honest, mystiscm it the key of the trade
<UberKruX> i doubt we would be willing to trade mysc from writing
<lordevil> well i guess u need massonery too, dont u?
<UberKruX> we have a deal for masonry already
<lordevil> i will have to discuss with my team then
<lordevil> cuz our main reason for the trade is the myst
<lordevil> anyway, we keep the chat for wednesday to discuss about it ?
<UberKruX> yes
<lordevil> ok see u wednesday then
<UberKruX> alright, later smile
* UberKruX has left #yargos


Hi Feudals,

First, I have to cancel our appointment Wednesday at 3.00 PM. I’m sorry but my job requires me to stay longer than I expected. But I stay open for another appointment whenever you feel the need. Just let me know when it will be ok for you.

Then, I want to make a point of saying to you that I am sorry to have to refuse your offer such as it is presented. The iron working already offers us the opportunity to make Gallic swordsman, consequently we don’t have any interest in the warrior code. As I told Uberkrux, I’m ready to submit to my government a trade such as Wheel and Mysticism against the art of writing if you are ok.

You should understand that we really care about sharing our knowledge with you but it must be also equitable and useful for both of us.

Hope to have news soon,


Foreign Minister
Yargos team.
descendre, descendre, pour ne plus jamais avoir à monter



Please forgive me for using this email address, but it is far quicker than logging into yahoo.

On behalf of the entire feudal empire, I will say that we agree to your trade, with one condition: A no trade clause for both teams. We will not trade writing to anyone, and you will not trade Mysticism to anyone. We have sent you The Wheel and Mysticism, and are expecting you to offer writing next turn with “accept” turned on.

We would also ask you not to move your warrior (located 2 tiles north of one of our settlers) south, as it would occupy a road that we built for the expressed purpose of reaching Uber KruX’s city spot. Your move there would slow our colonization down by three turns, and would be treated as a hostile action on your part. We thank you for your understanding and compliance in the matter.


Uber KruX, on behalf of the Feudal Empire


-- a éditer pour les prochains échanges --


-- a éditer pour les prochains échanges --
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We have received your peace proposals. After some deliberations, we finally agree to accept them but under some restrictions :

- First of all, u have to give us Medine. Indeed, the fondation of Medine was considered as a declaration of war since it is done in our vital space and prevent us all possibilities of expansion. The transfer of Medine is an essential condition of the peace treaty. Borders between ours civ is fixed between Medine and Kish.

- Second, we have discussed with Byzance. We think that peace is necessary all over our continent to insure stability and growth for ours people. 1BC is ready to sign the peace treaty if you give them 2 slaves which will replace the worker u captured from them and alsso need a compensation of 2gpt for the city they have to give up under yours threats. If you want to discuss about these conditions, u can also contact theam 1BC.

If you agree with these terms, we are ready to sign up this peace treaty right now and call back our warriors. We are sure that ours people can forget this trouble time to grow together to catch others nations which profit of our fight to take advance.

If you have any question or any comments, do not hesitate to contact me.


Yargos Foreign Minister


1) Give us back the Workers you enslaved in you dishonest sneak attack on our

2) Move away from all our cities IMMEDIATELY.



We believed that a new government would have brought a new environment for
easy negotiation. We note regrettably that we were wrong in our hopes.

You should not talk like this with us.

Yargos foreign minister
Quand le goéland se gratte le gland c'est qu'il va faire mauvais temps, s'il se gratte le cul c'est qu'il fera pas beau non plus.


A éditer pour prochain message ...