PalmMAME est une alternative à ZodMAME. Plus compatible mais plus lente avec certains jeux aussi...

PalmMAME 016 Alpha : http://www.pocketdimension.com/PD2_DL/PalmMAME_016Z.zip


y'a beaucoup de changements par rapport à la version précédente ??
Break on through to the other side


Amélioration de la vitresseet d'autres choses qui sont indiquées sur le down de zfrance. Parfois Zodmame est plus efficace, parfois c'est ce PalmMame qui l'est.


Oops! I'll add Zodiac France to the hotlink filter to stop those Forbidden errors. Is the download site the same domain name? It should work in hm...6 hours or so.

(Sorry I can read French, but my writing is very poor -- 10 years of French in school and I'm still terrible at it! wink )


Hi Vilmos, Those forbidden errors may come from our site...

We host a copy of the PalmMAME file on our server (we don't use a direct link) but we have 2 separate servers : one for the php interface, another one for the download. A few users have some problems like leeching warnings...


Nope it was from my server at least on this post -- it works now...I added both servers to the allow list so you can hotlink files or graphics. I had to disallow hotlinking because of an amazing amount of leeching when I started PalmMAME.


Ok, I thought you were talking about the download on Zodiacfrance !

thanks smile