Hi Octavian,

I am the Yaronautes's foreign minister. I read the Exploit List post but didn't find an important information.
I am wondering if an allies can take control of my capital and give it to me back later in order to make a jump palace.
I know that it is illegal to declare war for happiness, GA, etc. so I guess that this action might be illegal too but I just want to be sure. The difference though is the war only last 1 turn. So there is not suppose to have effect on happiness.

Thank you for answer.

Yargos Foreign Minister

Minister Lordevil,

Upon reviewing old discussion, I'm rather sure that there's basically a blanket ban on any sort of temporary war for allies to help one another out. This would apply to an assisted palace jump, making the scenario you describe unallowable by our currently accepted rules.

If you wish to use a palace jump, you are still allowed to do so, only so long as you do it yourselves by abandoning your current capital city.

And, you are certainly allowed to bring this subject up into the forum for debate by all teams, if you think that it should be.

~Octavian X
Administrator, MZO Democracy Game


En gros, ça dit qu'en se rapellant le anciennes discussions, il est plutôt sûr qu'il y a un catégorique sur tout ce qui est fausse guerre entre alliés pour s'aider l'un et l'autre. Cela devrait donc s'appliquer au jump palace puisque notre allié n'aurait pas d'autre choix que de la déclarer pour nous prendre notre capitale.
Le jump palace reste possible si nous abandonons nous même notre capitale.
Nous sommes bien sûr libre de porter la cause devant les autres civilisations pour ouvrir un débat.

Mais bon ce dernier point ne me semble pas vraiment utile.


Ca me semble aussi inutile.


Inutile en effet
Quand le goéland se gratte le gland c'est qu'il va faire mauvais temps, s'il se gratte le cul c'est qu'il fera pas beau non plus.





lordevil :
Le jump palace

Palace jump et pas schtroumpf palace !!
Under the ruins of a walled city
Crumbling towers in beams of yellow light
No flags of truce, no cries of pity
The siege guns had been pounding all through the night.