I am working on a full-featured Sumo Wrestling game for the 68k calcs. In it, there is a Prematch screen displaying different stats/attributes of each wrestler. At the bottom of the screen, while the user is browsing the stats, each wrestler 'says' a one-liner of smack talk (each wrestler has three sayings and the saying for each match is chosen randomly to provide somewhat of a variety).

The reason I am posting this here is because I need help coming up with good, funny remarks. I have already compiled a list of 51 messages, but I would like to include a lot more. If anyone here thinks of any appropriate, yet funny sayings that I could include in the game or knows of any site where there is a list of smack talk, the help would greatly be appreciated.

BTW, I don't care if they're cheesy. In fact, they're kind of supposed to be smile.

A few examples:
"I will fight as if my pants are on fire!"
"Yo mama aint so bad...she'd give you the hair off of her back!"
"Methinks thou art a vile and wanton villain."
"You bloody wanker!"
"I vill Terminate du"
"Du hast einen Vogel!"
"Shut your Pie-Hole!"


What about (just some ideas ; I'm not sure It is consistent with the idea of your program ; maybe some are not rude enough, or too kind) :

"Use The Force" (Star Wars)
"To be Or not to be ; that's the question" (shakespeare)
"In this world, there are two kind of people : those whose carry a weapon, and those who dig ; you dig" (not sure it's the exact sentence... I only know the french verion. It's from the film "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", with Clint Eastwood)
"You're nothing more than a blue Dwarf !" (hu... myself ? grin )
"Oh, a blond !" (sorry grin )

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I don't have any idea for you right now (it is more difficult than it sounds, I wonder how you could manage to get 51 different messages eek ). I'll let you know if I come up with something funny.

Just wondering: how far are you in the programming of the game ? Will you be able to post a screenshot in the next few days / weeks ?

Also, how are you going to store the messages ? Because if there are many, it may take up a lot of memory.


Thanks for the ideas smile I'll be sure to use them!

I am very far along with the game programming. I currently have the main gameplay pretty much finished - just polishing up some things right now. I have a really nice Oriental-looking menu/interface system, a pre-match screen which shows everything about the wrestlers including such things as Name, Origin, Weight, Strength, Health, Speed, and Stamina. You can compete in either an Exhibition or Tournament mode (either Plr vs Calc, Calc vs Calc, Plr vs Plr -> linkplay, or Practice against a dummy AI). I have began an external wrestler editor and have all of the formats worked out. The game already has a bunch of options such as Match time limits, difficulty, configurable game speed, and some others I'm forgetting right now.

The game will probably end up going over the 64 kb limit, although it is optimized pretty well (the game doesn't need to be very fast, so size optimizations are frequent). I still have to add in all of the strings and some more built-in wrestlers (right now the 51 strings are commented out). Basically, all I have left to implement is the Tournament mode which shouldn't be too hard (but I do have some grand plans for it) and the Linkplay which will be Very easy since I'm pretty experienced there and I should be able to use routines from Excitebike/Ice Hockey. It may still take me awhile since school's keeping me sorta busy right now.

I'll try to post a screenshot sometime soon - trust me, the graphics won't disappoint you!!!

I already have an optimized string format to store all of the strings. There is an information screen which includes a ton of strings as well. The strings are stored in an assembly format which Lionel Debroux showed me. I'm using a tool I made http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/350/35077.html to convert the strings to the assembly format, which saves hundreds of bytes.

Once again, thanks for the strings smile Would you like to appear in the game's credits (and if so, under what name)?


You're welcome smile
Would you like to appear in the game's credits

If you think my _little_ contribution is enough to be in the credits, why not (Pascal MARTIN - Squale92, so) ; but as my contribution is really small, I don't care If I'm not in
(if you put everyone who gives such a little help in the credits, they'll be really long smile )

"We fight for Honor ; you only fight for money ; you're only mercenaries :"
(answer : ) "We all fight for what we don't have."
(or something like this ; I've only seen this film in french, a _long_ time ago)
(from Surcouf, "Le Tigre des 7 mers" ("Sea Pirate" in US ; original title : "Surcouf, l'eroe dei sette mari" (italian, or spanish)) ; a film with pirates and stuff like this ; quite an old film from 1996 known by nobody grin but I liked it when I was young ; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061047/ )
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How about:
"I can see the future... In it, you don't have an unbroken bone!"
"Your age is higher than your IQ!"


Wow, Mike Tyson has a lot of quotable quotes:

"You'll scream louder than my wife!"
"When you see me smash somebody's skull, you know I enjoy it."
"If Jesus were here I'd fight him too."
"I just want to conquer people and their souls."
"I'm on Zoloft to keep from killing y'all."


Thanks for the great ideas!

Does anyone know of a quick/easy/free place I could upload some screenshots at?


May I translate your game once it is finished?


Check my signature, there is an url you can use to upload all your screens/binaries/sources or whatever smile

All right. Keep doing whatever it is you think you're doing.
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Thank you very much for your help!

Main Menu
Pre-Match screen
At the end of a match (the screen is bouncing up and down faster and faster producing an Earthquake effect)

naPO, I would definitely appreciate it if you translated the game once it is finished. You did an excellent job translating Excitebike 68k! The format for localized language versions of Sumo Wrestling will likely be the same as the one I used in Excitebike 68k, but before taking on such a task, I should warn you that there are probably going to be more strings in Sumo wrestling than were in Excitebike 68k due to the amount of included Smack Talk sayings.




Sorry, don't know why it posted three times.


Nevermind, I'll just make the 2 others smaller ^^
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Fisch2> No matter, I'd be pleased ^^


Wow, the graphics are beautiful (specialy the frame of the menu)
Did you do your own sprites ?
And how do you play !?


I'd love to give some help for the translation, too.
I'm on a boat motherfucker, don't you ever forget


Vielen Dank smile

Most of the wrestler sprites are ripped from a Japanese NES game. I created part of the menu border myself and part of it I got from a Wonderswan game's screenshot (I think). It took quite a bit of time to put all of the gfx together, but the classic Paint method works pretty well.

Gameplay: you can pretty much do anything you could do in a regular sumo match. You can either be pummeling with the other wrestler (where your graphics are connected) or separated where you can punch/taunt/etc. In the pummel position, you press various combinations to perform different moves like 2nd+Up which will try to lift your opponent. There is a wide variety of finishes you can perform and several of the most used moves have multiple finishes possible depending on where you are on the ring (the ring is scrollable).

naPO and Moumou: it will still be awhile before the game is done as I am really crunched for time right now. I wouldn't want to give you the strings to translate and then end up changing them.


"the ring is scrollable"
But on the 3rd screenshot, we can see the whole ring without needing to scroll (and it's on a ti89 (ie small) screen).
So why does it scroll ?


The whole arena isn't shown (there are fans on the sides). Without some scrolling, the wrestlers will get cut off. The entire screen is 240x128, so it fits perfectly on the 92+/v200 sized screens. The 89's just scroll horizontally a little bit when you're wrestling near the edge. It also scrolls when you throw your opponent into the crowd.


It also scrolls when you throw your opponent into the crowd.

Sounds fun.


Does the crowd seem to be afraid? gni

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The crowd is animated and is also randomly created, so there will be different crowd sprites in different places each match to provide somewhat of a variety.

The crowd doesn't really look afraid - they just clap; but if I were in that crowd and some 400 pound guy were about to fall on me, I'd be running! eek


I am ready to begin beta testing of Sumo Wrestling. naPO or Moumou, if you're still interested in translating the game, I have already added support for multiple language versions within the source (though it is currently unused). It should be fairly easy to just move through the source and add the French strings where necessary.

Get ready to play a full-featured Sumo Wrestling game, complete with everything from pre-match smack talk, to earthquake-inducing tosses, to creating your own customized wrestlers! This program was designed with the Ti-89, Ti-89 Titanium, Ti-92+, and v200 in mind, and the same program should run on all three calculators.

Several Features:
* Intense button-smashing, yet strategic Gameplay
* Easy pick-up-and-play style
* Two-Player Link Matches
* Excellently crisp, Grayscale double buffered graphics
* Sixteen built-in wrestlers are all official, top-ranked Japanese Sumo Wrestlers
* User-friendly Wrestler Editor built-in
* A wide variety of moves and creative finishes
* Sophisticated AI opponents with adjustable difficulty level
* Ti-89/92+/v200 Compatible (including Ti-89 Titanium)
* Currently four modes of gameplay (plr vs calc, calc vs calc, plr vs plr, practice)
* Hidden secrets???
* Game information/explanation included in-game
* Runs Fast and Smooth on HW1 and HW2 68k Calcs
* Fully customizable gameplay
* Well Commented/Structured C Source Code included

I am mainly looking for bug reports, though any suggestions/ideas are very welcome. As to limit the number of persons that receive the Beta, please leave your email address below (or just say you want to test if your email is inlcuded in your profile) and I will send you the files. Please do not distribute the game without my consent (unless you are testing Linkplay) because I do not want possibly buggy versions floating around. All Beta Testers will be included in the ReadMe and in-game credits.

Though I am preparing to release Sumo Wrestling publically, it is not 100% complete. I am still working on a tournament mode but want to release the game in its present state to receive feedback on it.

(also, beta-testing on the TICT forum http://p080.ezboard.com/ftichessteamhqfrm10.showMessage?topicID=177.topic)

-- Fisch2


I am still interested wink but I'll start the translation within 15 days :s


Once again, thanks a bunch naPO.

I tried to send you the distribution using the mail listed in your profile from both of my mail accounts, and each time, the mail was returned to me saying that your email service refused to receive the mail. Is your email account correctly listed in your profile? If that's not the problem, have any ideas on what it might be?


Huh? trifus Oh dear. attention di_pq@caramail.com is a clone of my caramail account (suxx)

Did you try william.bourgeois@wanadonotspam.fr ?
Try william.bourgeois@nospammade.fr if it's not working.
If it doesn't work, try 240-185@caraspam.com

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Thanks, naPO. I have sent the package again. You can edit your post and delete your mail addresses if you'd like.