hello first

i've released a game with an ai, which i write for a school-work. i'm very interested in your feedbacks or bugreports. i need them really to be sure, that the game works well. i encourage everyone to look at the source too. you can download it here:
i hope you enjoy it, although it's "only" a strategy-game.

thanks a lot



It looks good, but are you planning to release a TI-89 version ?


what do you mean by saying "it looks good"? have you tested yet?

i don't plan to release a ti-89 version, because the game-stones and the pots would be very small and it would be a quite big effort. sorry... but everybody can port it. it's open source.

err.. could the persons who test it give ratings for the following aspects (from 1(worst) to 10(best)):

-artifical intelligence

thanks a lot


Hmm... I knew this game, but not with this title happy

Sasume was working on a similar game, I don't know if he has finished/released it. Graphics are good, but I think you should make the stones bigger (if it's possible, depending of the maximum number of stones in a pot). Handling : only one key requiered to play, can't be easier ^^
I can't say anything about the AI, which beats me even at level 1... :/ (#shame on me# grin)
avatarAll right. Keep doing whatever it is you think you're doing.
Besoin d'aide sur le site ? Essayez par ici :)


thanks for your feedback (i can understand that you loose in ai-strength 1... wink

there already were feedbacks who said the thing with the bigger stones. i thought that i could make a number, which show you the content of the pots... but i don't plan to change the graphics (not before the school-work is finished). i really calculated the graphics in advance and i couldn't find a better solution.... but i might try it.

does anyone have experience in programming with tigcc and spare time? i would also appreciate persones who looks at the source.


Time... although it is money, it is the only resource that cannot be bought, and we're always running out of it.


avatar« Quand le dernier arbre sera abattu, la dernière rivière empoisonnée, le dernier poisson capturé, alors vous découvrirez que l'argent ne se mange pas. »


oh, i know that problem too... and i don't force anyone to do the things i said. wink