I just wrote a syntax description file for kate/kwrite and I thought it might interest some other people.

You can download the two files there : Motorola ASM and there : GNU as

To install, simply copy these file into /usr/share/apps/katepart/syntax/ (there should be some other xml files in this directory already). You should then be able to select "GNU Assembler 68k" and "Motorola Assembler 68k" from the Tools => Highlight mode => Sources menu.

By default, not all recognized elements are highlighted. For instance, instruction, labels and registers are not. You can change their parameters in the KWrite's configuration dialog :
- open kwrite
- open the Settings => Configure editor dialgo box
- go to the Highlighting Text Styles tab
- select the language you want to configure in the "Highlight" combo box, for instance Sources/GNU Assembler 68k
- customize the recognized items at your will
- accept the changes

Depending on your kwrite version, you may need to restart kwrite before your changes actually apply.

In addition to syntax highlighting, this enables the Control-D hotkey.


Thank you !
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License notice:
- The GNU assembler description is under the General Public License because it is based on another description file that was under this license.
- For consistency (and also following my personnal ideas about how software should be released), I decided that the Motorola assembler description should be under the General Public License too.

I just modified the file to reflect the license. smile


This is great.
thanks for releasing it smile
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Nice work spectras. smile

People using vim might be interested in this ASM syntax file for Motorola 68k processors.


For vim, isn't "set ft=asm68k" enough ?


That works for me.


They are not the same... I never tried any of them, though happy