I would like to introduce you open source text editor 'WordRider' which helps with creating TxtRider's text format in calculator TI-89.

WordRider is similar to applications such as RidEdit, MadCoder's Text Editor or Okin's Word. WordRider brings full support of TxtRider view-tags and more user convenience with working TI-89text format. WordRider editor is "almost" WYSIWYG.

* you can easily change font sizes, alignments, margins, word wrap, math expressions and insert line separators or breakpoints
* really easy work with breakpoints and inserting special characters
* 89i pictures support
* drag and drop support
* math expressions are distinguished by color
* multilanguage environment
* free software
* open source code under GNU GPL license
* support for Java Look&Feels and themes
* OS platform independent
* and much more...


I also look for someone who would be able to translate WordRider editor into French.
More info can be found here: http://wordrider.net



Since your post is in english, I think you should try this forum : forums/489
All right. Keep doing whatever it is you think you're doing.
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I've not tryied it yet, but It really seems to be interesting smile
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Nice job, Vity!
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Thanks for your responses. I hope this software will be helpful for all. :-)

Vertyos: I will add it there too...
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What a great job ! top

I also tried to open one of my file, and there is a strange behaviour with 'é' and 'è'. Every 'é' of my file is show as 'è', and when I try to tape 'é', it writes 'é', and 'è' for 'è'. Do you want my file for debug ?


Hibou: yeah, please send me your text file to [email]admin@wordrider.net[/email] .
I expect that it's problem with a font. I guess I can fix it.

Here you can see from what the WordRider grew up ;-)
Look at this:



Thanks to Hibou I could fix the first bug in WordRider ;-).
New version which solves the problem with 'é' and 'è' was released.



Hello fans of TI89! :-).
WordRider 0.54 is out!
The latest version improves user comfort with new features (recent files, easy check for new version, support of French,...) and fixes many bugs from previous versions(bad checksum in generated text file).
This new version is now available at http://wordrider.net.

If you have some problems with downloading(corrupted files), please let me know.



The next version of WordRider - v0.7 is now available for download!
Main new features:
+ improved compatibility to Hibview
+ options dialog with many settings
+ image import
+ new look&feels support
+ and much more...


More info: [URL=http://wordrider.net]WordRider homepage[/URL]


excellent programm !!

I would like to give you a piece of advice : In my opinion, It could be better, if we could print the "formated" document. It permit us to have the document on calc and on paper.

I don't forget that the aim of this soft is permitting us to cheat more easily!! grin


Hi all!!
I am here again with a new version of WordRider!

WordRider 0.74 brings these main new features:
* TI-92/92+/V200 support
* improved compatibility to Hibview
* enhanced working with a text area
* image properties dialog
* new image import filters
* bugfixes and other improvements

The new version you can obtain at the homepage - http://wordrider.nethttp://wordrider.net

All suggestions are welcome.



TO Saphari: It will be solved by RTF export functionality. Maybe in the following version(version after 0.74) ;-).


top Great work !
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Yes, very clean and pro design


Thank you for your responses :-).


excellent software, I just needed a tool to convert .txt to .9xt (i'm writing mine, which will also support OTH for binary data and PRGM to bridge text and programs, but I dont plan such a nice UI ^^).