Hi everybody ,

is it possible to emulate Judgement Silversword on the WSCAmp???
I love this game...even if I never played it sad


Hi druuna and welcome on the board !

I think there is a rom version of the game you can dowload for free but I'm not sure, jbkun will help you with this smile


Hi, welcome druuna happy
I think that it is the game for the WonderWitch and not for the Wonderswan smile I haven't find the wonderswan rom yet...
so, if you want to play this game, you must have a Wonderwitch or a Wonderwitch player to play it on Wonderswan, but it's too much expensive (~120$ for a WonderWitch and it's very difficult to find it...). To play Wonderwitch games, there is a Wonderwitch emulator called Miracle Mage, but only Black and white games run on it, so JSS doesn't run ! neutral
jbkun can give more information about this wink
(He write an interessant FAQ about the Wonderwitch but I don't think if it's interests you: http://jbkun.free.fr/wonderwitch/WonderWitchFAQ.pdf ) wink
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ok , thanks for your reply , I'll wait for jbkun to post in here a response about this question.
I founded an original package of Judgement Silversword for 175 euros , it seems that this game don't need Wonderwitch because it's the official release.
It's quite expensive but it seems to be the only way to try this game , in fact the wonderwitch seems out of production sad
Dicing Knight seems interesting too.
Anyway....I'm still waiting for my new Ws Crystal red wine from Hong Kong wink


Humm 175 euros seems to be really expensive for this game sad


yes it's too expensive, for this price, i think it's better to try to find a wonderwitch !
yes the official game is a Wonderswan game and not a wonderwitch game smile but i haven't find any rom of the wonderswan game, only for wonderwitch, as I say in the post 2 wink
Dicing Knight is excellent too wink I got it, ~60$, I bought it in Juny i think, when he was released for wonderswan (he was already available since 2002 for Wonderwitch I think...) and JSS was relased at the same price. OK it is rare but 3x the original price... sick I think that 100$ is a maximum... for me at least happy
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As I told you by mail, .FX files are WonderWitch binaries (executables) while ROM files are images of commercial cartridges.
Wonderwitch binaries and ROM files are not compatible due to the lack of WW BIOS support in common emulators.
MiracleMage only works in B&W mode.

J'en profite pour vous annoncer que la FAQ WonderWitch a été traduite en Français par le gars Requiem (j'me la pète un peu là).


cool je vais aller voir ça happy
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ok...I'm sorry jbkun , now it's clear....I need a wonderwitch.
But I searched everywhere...it seems impossible to find....If you have any news regarding a shop where to buy WonderWitch please keep me informed.


http://www.upstategames.com/ws_hw_ww.phtml << there is

They sold them for 250 buck US, far over what I can put =(
Bahh Instead I"ll try to make my own cartridge



Sh*t!!! 250 bucks!!! too much...for this month I'll wait for my new WS Crystal with the game "Ultraman" , I'm so happy...I love that game!!!
Anyway , I tried to contact Bandai to see if they have a few Wonderwitch in stock , but by now I didn't received any response from them sad

ps: I'm sorry but my french is not good , I can read but I'm not able to post in french , I hope it's not a problem


No problem smile


Yes, 250$ is too expensive neutral
but as say paxl, you can wait for his linker gni
yes it is not a problem because everybody speak english here. I don't speak very good english, but I'm 14, so... grin
Ultraman ? I don't know if the Wonderswan game is good because on other systems, he has a bad reputation i think neutral tell us more when you'll receive it happy
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I'll try, but I don't think I'll ever be able to boot a WonderWithch game happy since I don't have the
freyaOS... Anyway, I'll see when the time will come... like a 64M cart that will be working happy)



I played Ultraman on wscamp , this rom is dumped....you can try it too , but it's clear that on the real hardware it's another experience wink
Now I wait for my new baby to arrive (from Singapore not Hong Kong)...I hope she will arrive all safe smile



yes I will try Ultraman, he's quite beautifull but I don't know if the Gameplay is good... if you like versus fighting, try Guilty Gear petit 2, I find it excellent happy
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Ultraman on WS is the only one version that I like along with "Ultraman Gekiden" on the Gameboy Mono.
Also there is a GBA game "Taiketsu! Ultra Hero" but it seems not as good as the WS game : in this one you can choose from a lot of characters but the gameplay is real sh*t.
There're also a megadrive & snes game wich seems to be good but I never played it .


OK, thank you for the informations wink
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